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5 Ways to Partner With Local Businesses to Boost Bookings

Cross promoting with other small businesses is a great, inexpensive and creative tool that holiday home managers should definitely consider when putting together a marketing strategy. Making the effort to build bonds with other local businesses will increase exposure to the property, work towards offering guests an excellent standard of customer service and in turn, help your business to grow.


However you do not want to partner with any old local business, approach those that are complementative to the vacation rental business you are running and vice versa. That way, you can come to an agreement that you can both benefit from which will result in an increase of traffic to both businesses and very happy managers all round!

Do you need some help deciding what kind of businesses to approach in the vacation rental property area? We have come up with 5 vacation rental business partnership ideas for you to consider:

Restaurant Discounts

Approaching local restaurants is a great idea to form a partnership; it's a win-win situation for both you and the restaurant manager. Guests are always looking for ideas of where to eat out during their vacation, including discount vouchers for a local restaurant as a part of a welcome hamper is an excellent tool for referral marketing. It will direct business to the chosen restaurant and will without a doubt impress your guests, encouraging them to refer the property to friends and family, or rebook in the future.

Create a Local Map

Collaborate with independent clothing stores, cafes, food stores and restaurants to create a local map pin pointing the key businesses. By doing so, it can be printed and branded for your guests and each business can distribute them among their customers. This kind of partnership will increase exposure to the property and generate interest around each business.

Approach Wedding Planners

Forming a partnership with a wedding planner is an excellent way to boost bookings. Generally, weddings attract large parties looking for somewhere to stay. A holiday home is an inexpensive alternative to a hotel that can cater for big groups, which can be very appealing to those that have spent a lot on wedding gifts etc. Ensuring that wedding planners have the property information will help you to stand out from the competition and in turn you could offer special discounts for those who are looking for family to stay during a wedding.

Exchange Website Space With Local Vendors

If the properties are on a vacation rental website, give some space to a local vendor e.g. a sports activity centre in return for advertising space on their website. You could do this by writing a blog post that refers guests to their business which they in turn could feature the holiday home business too. The internet is a huge go-to platform, featuring on other local businesses' websites will increase exposure to the property massively.

Print Business Cards

Print business cards that showcase the property, making sure that you include a striking image. Post them on noticeboards, in holders in local restaurants and cafes etc. That way, you may catch the eyes of locals who host families that need somewhere to stay, or those who are visting the area that may want to come back and rent the property.
We hope we have given you an idea of some of the ways you can partner with local businesses to boost vacation rental bookings. Please feel free to share this post, add any comments or more video ideas in the comment section below:

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