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Why You Should Use Instagram Video to Market Your Vacation Rental

Owned by social media’s largest platform Facebook, with 130 million users and 1 billion likes happening daily, Instagram is an excellent social media marketing tool that vacation rental owners should snap into. The increasingly popular photo-capturing app has been under the spotlight recently since introducing their additional video creation tool.

Instagram video

Video marketing is a great way for vacation rental managers to communicate property information quickly and effectively. Everywhere you look, people are using mobile devices and it is important for holiday home managers to adapt with the ever evolving mobile social media landscape. As of June 2013, Instagram became a video marketers dream; it offers a completely free service allowing users to create short and sweet 15 second videos from an Android or iOS device to project a brand image across to potential guests.

Are you thinking of using Instagram video but want to know more? Here are 5 benefits of using Instagram Video to market your vacation rental property:

Create a Brand Personality

Instagram Video provides holiday home managers with a platform for sharing with guests a brand personality in an informal setting. Say for instance the aura of your brand is 'luxury', you can ensure that your vacation rental projects this notion through video and images, e.g. use video to shoot a panoramic view of your peaceful property gardens and swimming pool. With 13 video filters to choose from, the handy filter tool also makes it easy to generate a mood around the property.

A Video Preview of Your Properties

If you are unsure on what kind of content to include on your Instagram, create short informative videos of each of your property listings. A 15 second tour of each property will make it so much easier for potential guests to digest. The stop-motion tool makes it easy to capture your whole property in 15 seconds as you can pause recording before moving to another room, plus it keeps your video content short and sweet.

Get Creative With Your Vacation Rental Location

As well as promoting your vacation rental, use video to share with your Instagram followers the beautiful surroundings of your property. If your holiday home is located near an idyllic beach or historical landmarks, capture it! You are more likely to entice guests if you generate an idea of the kind of holiday to expect during their stay. Hash-tagging points of interest is an excellent way for your videos to reach a larger audience and encourage engagement.

Increase Guest Engagement

As mentioned in the last point, hash-tagging is a great way to increase exposure to your property. Use hashtags to categorize your videos or images so that those searching will come directly to your Instagram and increase chances of bookings.

Another way you could increase guest engagement through Instagram is by starting a campaign with followers or previous guests. Get them to direct creative videos to your account that they have made of your property or location and feature your favourite for the week. That way you can stay in the conversation and drive traffic to your Instagram.

Direct Traffic to Your Website

As Instagram is owned by Facebook, everything is closely linked. Ensure that your website features on your video posts or account bio so that everytime your content is liked or shared, you can increase chances of website visits and in turn booking leads.


We hope we have given you an idea of some of the benefits of using Instagram Video for marketing your vacation rental. Please feel free to share this post, add any comments or more video ideas in the comment section below:

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