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Are Your Vacation Rental Listings Getting the Attention They Deserve?

According to Skift, the vacation rental industry is now worth $100 billion. For owners and managers, opportunity and competition have both increased in recent years. When you're competing for the attention of prospective guests, it's important to make your vacation rental listings stand out.

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Create Impressive Vacation Rental Listings

What are prospective guests looking for in vacation homes? Focus on these areas to best showcase your properties:

  • Offer Clear Details- All of your listings on your vacation rental websites should provide details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as the square footage of your rental.
  • Showcase the Experience- Paint a picture what a prospective guest's vacation experience could be like. For example, if your vacation rental is in a busy, urban neighborhood, mention opportunities for dining and entertainment. If your vacation rental is in a quiet suburb, emphasize its relaxing family feel.
  • Increase Visual Engagement- Photos, videos, and 360 tours are key selling points for your vacation rental and help guests envision their stay. Invest in professional imagery, and showcase it in your listings.
  • Focus on Amenities- If you have added touches to the home, highlight those. A hot tub, a seasonal fruit basket, or water toys for the kids all make a vacation easier and much more pleasurable

Leverage Rental Listing Sites

To increase your bookings, it's important to reach guests where they are. Kigo Channel Manager allows you to distribute your vacation rental listings to a range of portal partners, including Airbnb, HomeAway, and Easily update and sync your property availabilities and information on multiple websites, all from one place.

As your rental business grows, centralizing and synchronizing your calendar becomes essential. With booking systems software, you can synchronize your listings across multiple vacation rental websites, creating a unified calendar for bookings and for staff. You'll save time and stress, and you won't need to look through scattered inboxes and calendars to determine whether a rental is available on a certain date.

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Drive Vacation Rental Bookings

At Kigo, we're here to help you create vacation rental listings that stand apart from the competition. Request a demo today to see how Kigo can help you attract and convert more vacation rental guests.

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