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Writing Your Own Review

Analysing what makes your property stand out

This is not a suggestion for how to boost your Tripadvisor score. It is about raw and unbridled self analysis; the best way to improve your service. If you were to write a review of your service how would you rate it? What areas would not score as high as others? What better way to improve your business than to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. A good way to audit your own experience is to try it out. From searching, booking to staying - see what parts of the process you find aggravating or difficult. From there you can then try to streamline and simplify your website and process.


The first step will be to see how visible your site is. What keywords do you think people type in that end up finding your business? People are going to search for the area and then filter through the properties from that search. Make sure your site is visible and high in the rankings. Consider other keywords that relate to your area too. Including these in your SEO data could be a good way to boost your ranking.

Next will be to make sure your website looks professional and works seamlessly. Check for dead links and any confusing information. What services or other products could you offer that you might find useful at this stage? Once you have examined the booking process, what information will your guests require to find your property? Directions from the airport, from the station or roads. Is there anything else your guests may need to know before arrival?

As well as trying to find any flaws in your operation, find out what works. From your time in the property what about it did you like most? Were there parts of the local area that make it special, or events? Use your experience to highlight the best features of your property and make them stand out on your site. If you give yourself a critical and honest review then you will have the perfect basis from which to grow your business. Ask for guest feedback too and see if there are recurring issues, or consistent positive comments. If so you can address the issues and highlight the positives.

Next comes the all important first impression. What impression do you get when you open the front door to your property? What would you like to be greeted by? Are there missing amenities or anything in need of repair? Analysing these important things should help you see little areas that could be improved and set a competitive price. If you are able, why not stay in the property? There may be things that become apparent only after spending time in the property such as late night noise or difficulties with any appliances.

Finally, the process for leaving. Is it simple and seamless? Are guests able to leave in a rush if they need to catch an early flight? Do you have the option to leave feedback or are you prompted to leave a review? As well as being mandatory for most potential guests considering your property, varied and detailed reviews are the best way to find out any possible areas for improvement.

Once you have considered every element of staying in your property think about where, if anywhere it was lacking. Have a look at the reviews of other apartments in your area and see how yours measures up.

What score would you give your own properties?

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