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Working Together with Local Charities

How small gestures can make a big difference. Vacation rentals can work together with charities to benefit everyone.

Vacation rentals are often seen as a greener, more ethical way to take a holiday than traditional types of accommodation. They are not owned by large multi-nationals or have dubious corporate interests. They do not have the level of waste and emissions that big hotels have. The impact per guest is considerably lower and they are mostly more sustainable. They are generally integrated within the community, often ran by local people. This is a big reason why some people choose vacation rentals. Guests can have more control of the environmental and social impact they have. They allow people to make their own decisions and enjoy their holiday without having to compromise anything to do so.


By staying in a vacation rental they can choose to recycle, have more say what products they use and how they spend their holiday. So why not see if there is more that can be done to cement this reputation and help local people. Today we are looking at a small way in which vacation rental managers can help local charities and reinforce this aspect of responsibility.

One idea is to offer a discount on the cost of a stay in your property if your guests donates an amount to local charities. You could match the discount to the donation or even increase it to a set limit. The guests cannot lose, they save money on the property and get to donate. The charities receive the money and the impact on your bottom line is relatively small. It may even be the small extra touch that convinces people to choose your business over other companies. It will also be a chance to get some organic publicity as people talk about this promotion and other businesses take notice and perhaps follow suit.

If you can, try to chose charities or non-profit that have links to your local area and are part of the reason that the area is attractive to tourists. Lifeguards for coastal areas or conservation charities for places with links to nature. Not only will you help preserve these natural features but you will demonstrate that your business is part of the community that people are here to visit. Responsible tourism is not just dreamt up by local councils and tourism boards. It is being driven by tourists themselves. People don’t want to detract from places - they want to be a part of it, if only just for a short time.

The charity you choose and its supporters may also choose to refer business to you meaning a boost in publicity and word of mouth. Another idea would be to auction off a week in your property at a charity event, or do so independently and donate the proceeds. You can choose set dates during a quieter period. You will generate great publicity for your business in the area all whilst raising money for a good cause. Check local events in the area that you can become involved with.

This isn't about a cynical attempt to wring out good publicity. It is a great way for your business to become involved with the community and the charities around it. Investing in sustaining the local area that your business is in always makes sense. These tips for working with charities are just a small thing you can do.

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