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Vacation Rental Website Samples: SunMarbella

The ultimate goal of a vacation rental manager is a fully booked availability calendar; a vacation rental website is a very important component to any marketing strategy and can have a lasting impact on bookings. At Kigo, we encourage vacation rental managers to adopt a variety of marketing techniques, operating your own website is just one of many, but an excellent place to start. To help shape an understanding of what makes an effective vacation rental website, we regularly spotlight our wonderful clients. This week we would like to turn your attention to SunMarbella who have a beautiful selection of holiday lettings in Marbella.

Vacation Rental Sample SunMarbella

Through their luxurious rentals and beach villas, Andreea and Dragos aim to offer their guests a holiday that only dreams are made of. Their website acts as an excellent portfolio and marketing platform for their properties, which works to further increase bookings.

Website Design:

Immediately as the user arrives on SunMarbella's homepage, they are greeted with a beautiful array of professionally photographed images. Not only does this exert professionalism, it is an excellent technique for catching the website visitors' attention. Images of picturesque buildings and alluring beaches will entice potential guests and encourage them to find out more about the properties.

As you scroll down the page, there are a variety of properties displayed with a visually appealing image, property name and overview of price per night. This allows the potential guest to establish from the homepage exactly the type of properties SunMarbella have to offer.

The clean cut design is professional, easy to navigate around and overall offers a very pleasant user experience. The top bar clearly displays everything the potential guest needs to make a booking, alongside a simple logo that adds a nice finishing touch.

Reservation System:

Vacation Rental Sample SunMarbella

Professionalism is prevalent throughout the SunMarbella website and the reservation system doesn't disappoint. Each listing page is presented with images of the property, an informative description, a full list of amenities, map and description of the area and list of activities for guests to enjoy during their stay. Providing potential guests with as much information on the vacation rental further increases booking chances and deters them from looking elsewhere.

The simple availability search tool placed on the homepage and property listing pages allows guests to easily determine whether the property is available before proceeding with a booking inquiry. Making sure this is visible on all the main pages makes it even easier for visitors to proceed with a booking.

All favourited properties compile together in one list which then can be rearranged into order of preference. The inquiry form is straightforward; guests can define their inquiry by stay dates and number of guests, and include any additional information in the message box. This makes it easier for SunMarbella to quickly determine the vacationer's needs and respond in a timely manner, staying on top of competition.

Vacation Rental Website Sample of inquiry box

Our Favourite Part of the Website:

An excellent addition to SunMarbella's website is the pop up inquiry box that sits in the corner of each page. Dragos and Andreea have really gone that extra mile when it comes to customer service. Adding the image of the couple alongside Dragos' name humanizes the message tool, which is a really effective marketing technique and will encourage guests to communicate.

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Marbella or would like to network with SunMarbella, be sure to have a look at their website.

Please note that the website samples we provide are only to spotlight the websites of our clients. To respect the time and effort these agencies have put into creating their websites, we ask that you do not replicate design elements or content pieces.
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