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Free Vacation Rental Marketing eBook: 20 Tips Under 20 Minutes

vacation rental marketing free ebookVacation Rental Marketing doesn't neccessarily have to cost holiday home managers an arm and leg, the internet provides a whole library of indispensable marketing resources that, if used effectively, can improve bookings dramatically.

On our Kigo blog, we are always encouraging vacation rental managers to use a variety of marketing tools and techniques to fully optimize any vacation rental. An excellent go-to guide we are a huge fan of, is industry expert Matt Landau's Vacation Rental Marketing Blog. So, it gives us great pleasure to share with you Matt's latest pearls of wisdom in his new Vacation Rental Marketing eBook.

What's Inside 20 Tips Under 20 Minutes?

20 Tips Under 20 Minutes is a quick yet incredibly informative handbook of free tips for vacation rental managers. This book aims to provide those in the vacation rental industry with amazing tips that can be applied to any vacation rental business in under 20 minutes.

Divided into 3 useful categories, each page provides straightforward instructions on how to make changes to your vacation rental marketing strategy and increase bookings. From giving a vacation rental a name to the secret of newsletters, Matt has ensured that this eBook is packed with vacation rental marketing gems.

A sneak peek inside 20 Tips Under 20 Minutes:

  • Chapter 3: Create Your Own Blog: learn how simple it is to create your own piece of internet real estate by setting up your own blog
  • Chapter 6: Perfect Your Listing Site Descriptions: find out how to re-craft your properties' listing site descriptions and increase bookings
  • Chapter 17: Learn to Pitch Journalists Like The Pros: tips to help you start thinking like a PR professional and create the perfect advertising pitch
  • and many more insider tips...

So go and download your completely free vacation rental marketing handbook to start improving your vacation rental business today.

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