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Vacation Rental website Sample – House By The Beach

A fully functioning reservation system can determine whether a potential guest will make a booking at your vacation rental or continue to search elsewhere.

Not only will a poorly structured website without a reservation system reflect badly on the vacation rental brand values, it can really damage bookings. To shape an understanding of how a reservation system will increase bookings, we would like to put under the spotlight one of our trusted clients, House By The Beach who offer vacationers beautiful holiday lettings in Cornwall.

Vacation Rental Sample House By The Beach

House By The Beach have a lovely selection of cottages and houses all close to the beach on the desirable coast of South Cornwall, UK. Mike and Sally pride themselves on providing beautiful and traditional cottages perfect for family holidays or short breaks. Their reservation system is just as beautiful and further encourages bookings.

Property Listing Pages:

Each property listing page is set out in the same clean cut and easy to digest style. Images of the property proudly take centre stage whilst detailed information of each listing appears as the user scrolls down the page. House By The Beach have made sure to include plenty of high quality images for each property that can be enlarged to full screen, this gives potential guests a clear idea of what to expect during their stay.

Vacation Rental Sample House By The Beach

House By The Beach have paid special attention to each property description, providing all the information a guest needs on the vacation rental; the property area, amenities, activities in the area and a full list of prices according to seasons. Embedding an availability calendar at the bottom of each listing allows guests to see well in advance what dates are available before completing an inquiry form, encouraging a much quicker booking process.

From the individual property pages, the website visitor can immediately define whether their desired dates are available by using a handy search availability tool. By enabling this option, House By The Beach further encourage a smooth booking process and decrease chances of guests looking elsewhere.

The Reservation Process:

Reservation system Sample search availability
The reservation process is super easy; a guest can add any properties they are interested in to an inquiry list as they navigate through the listing pages. That way they collect together in one place and the guest will spend less time going back through their desired properties.

Once the potential guest has narrowed down their property selection, they can make a booking request through a simple enquiry form. House By The Beach have enabled them to define the form by check-in/out dates, number of guests and arrange the chosen properties in order of preference. By doing so, it narrows down the inquiry and helps House By The Beach to respond in good time.

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Cornwall be sure to take a look at the beautiful cottages House By The Beach have to offer. Or if you would like to network with House By The Beach, take a look at their website.

Please note that the website and reservation system samples we provide are only to spotlight the websites and reservation system of our clients. To respect the time and effort these agencies have put into creating their websites, we ask that you do not replicate design elements or content pieces.

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