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Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn for Your Vacation Rental Business

LinkedIn Vacation Rental Marketing
With over 200 million users globally and 2.7 million business pages, LinkedIn is the ultimate business focused social network. Bearing these statistics in mind, vacation rental managers should without a doubt get creating a professional profile.

LinkedIn works in a similar way to Facebook and Twitter yet with a professional advantage. By joining LinkedIn, you can connect with other professionals and potentially build upon your vacation rental business.

If you’re wondering why you should be using LinkedIn for your vacation rental business, we’ve put together some benefits of joining the world’s largest professional network for you to think about:

A Strong Professional Profile Page

Creating a page on LinkedIn will put a face to your vacation rental business, increase credibility and exert professionalism. Filling a profile with as much information about your vacation rental business as possible, including relevant keywords, will increase chances of being found in a search and exposure to the property.

In the same way as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to update statuses, share news and include links to other networks or vacation rental website, which further increases SEO visibility and in turn, booking leads. LinkedIn also enables recommendations; encouraging guests, employees or business partners to recommend your business page will direct traffic to it from those that don’t know you.

Be a Part of a Community

There are loads of vacation rental themed groups on LinkedIn for vacation rental managers to join in on the discussion and stay up-to-date with industry news. Participating in LinkedIn groups allows you to ask any questions or address any common renting issues; it means you can directly receive advice from other professionals in the vacation rental industry, easily and quickly.

Another advantage to LinkedIn groups is having the ability to share your professional knowledge and increase visibility to your brand. Participating in discussions by offering intelligent, experienced answers will further increase business credibility and exposure to the property.

Connect With Other Businesses

Partnering with local businesses is a really effective referral marketing tool which can boost bookings. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for potential business partnerships and connecting with other vacation rental professionals.

It provides an excellent database for researching potential business opportunities to help your vacation rental business grow. Also, if you have mutual connections with a local business, LinkedIn will let you know, providing a great conversation starter.

There you have it, some excellent benefits to joining LinkedIn. We hope we have given you a clearer idea of how the largest professional network can improve your vacation rental marketing. Please feel free to share with those of interest or your comments in the comment box below:

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