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Personalised Content- Getting More From Your Marketing

Different Guests; Different Content.

Want to get the most out of the content you send? Reach more of your guests and see a better return on investment from the things that you spend time and money to create? A way that every vacation rental manager can start doing this is by offering more personalised, more specific content to their customers through their email marketing and social media. This means content created with only a certain section of your customers or leads in mind. As you will have experienced, you can’t please everybody all of the time with your content anyway, so this approach is designed to split your audience first, and then just send the content that is most suited to them.To look at the statistics, 78% of guests prefer content personalisation and 54% find personalised ads more engaging. Your guests are not all the same, and your content needs to reflect this.


A practical suggestion for how to do this is create content that is not always designed to be as broad as possible. Create marketing campaigns that are specifically aimed at certain sections of your customers. To do this, you will have to split your guests into content categories. You can base these categories on whatever criteria you choose; location, demographic, age, booking history, your reward programme. The choice is yours. For example, you may have hesitated over posting about the new ski location you have added because 70% of your revenue comes from summer beach resorts and this wouldn’t be of interest to most of your guests. If you can split your guests into groups that have booked ski holidays with you or expressed an interest in on your site then you can create emails, blog posts, or other content and make sure it is being sent to the people that want to read it.

Before clicking and engaging with content people like to know why they are receiving it. For most email marketing this answer is simple - you expressed an interest in a business and now you are receiving more information about it So, how can you go about making it more personal?

Dividing your guests by the services they use and then tailoring the content you provide gives you a better chance of reaching interested leads. To use the example of people that have booked ski holidays in the past again, why not address this? Start your email with reference to the fact that they have booked ski resorts with you before and now you have a great new property that you think they will be interested in. Imagine receiving an email that was personalised and sent to you because of specific interests you have, rather than just having signed up to a mailing list that distributes all the content that a company produces. You are going to see better numbers and better engagement.

And a great thing about personalised content is that you can use all of your older content as you find out more things about your guests. If every article, every post you create has a strong, useful message for your customers then it can be used again and sent your customers that fit into the category it was created for. You may have content that was created a year ago that is perfect for your new customers but your older customers do not need to receive, splitting your mailings will interest new customers and stop your current customers receiving information that they don’t need.

One of the main reasons people cite for unsubscribing or unfollowing from social media is because of ‘Bursting’. Bursting is where a company sends a big cluster of updates across every platform and then nothing. This means that there is a high frequency of contact in a short time with only limited relevance to certain customers.Personalised content means that the people receiving your email are the people that will want to read it, giving you not just better numbers from your marketing but more bookings from these clicks and shares.

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