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Kigo Partner Q&A with TravelStaytion

We are happy to announce TravelStaytion as an official partner for our Kigo clients! Learn more about TravelStaytion below in our Q&A with Ioanna Nentoudi, Product Development Manager at Travelstaytion.

Tell us a bit about TravelStaytion.

TravelStaytion is a fast-growing holiday rental platform of professionally managed properties; we have a portfolio of over 80,000 properties in worldwide destinations. Our mission is to offer quality holiday homes in perfect conditions and in beautiful destinations, with the local support of verified highly professional and reliable hosts who ensure the same standards across all the properties they advertise.

COVID-19 really shook up the vacation and corporate rental industry! What was the biggest shift you saw in terms of travel trends?

The biggest shifts we recorded during Covid era were the incredible increase of domestic traveling, shortened booking windows, higher booking value, implementation of extra flexible cancellation policies by property managers and the rise of travelers keen on staying in vacation homes for safety reasons with outdoor amenities ( pool, bbq, etc).

How is TravelStaytion helping property managers adapt to these changes?

Our primary focus is to provide dedicated account management for our partners helping them adapt and showcase the strong selling points of their properties and the service they provide.

Are there any mistakes you see being made time and time again that TravelStaytion can really help with?

Property managers do not ‘invest’ in their additional services or highlight their local and constant support. Booking an apartment, a house or a villa is not a compromise or alternative anymore. Travellers are seeking not only to book a property, but also a range of services provided from the host to elevate their stay and experience.

What top tips would you give to property managers who are struggling to convert lookers into bookers?

Optimize listing adverts (e.g. pictures, description), have prompt responses to clients, special offers, and dynamic adaptation of rates and cancellation policies.

Finish this sentence: "One of the best places in the world to visit that many people don't know about is..."

Formentera in Spain and Whitby in Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

With 2020 behind us and 2021 ahead of us what advice would you give a property manager today?

Rely on your product and your distribution capabilities, build several target audiences and diversify your product offerings.

How can I get started with TravelStaytion?

Contact your Kigo Account Manager or send us an email to [email protected] and we will get you up and running!

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