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The Benefits of Kigo Channel Manager and Google Vacation Rentals

By: Tim Blackwell

Property managers can now generate more listings through added visibility across vacation rental channels through the powerful combination of Kigo Channel Manager and Google Vacation Rentals.

Kigo has added Google Vacation to its growing list of channel partners, giving rental managers the muscle to post listings on the popular platform without having to go direct. Travelers and rental managers will enjoy the benefits of the widely searched platform and through the simple touch of Kigo.

Over the past several years, Google has become a go-to for travelers seeking hotels and lodging, so much that 10 years ago it debuted Google Hotel Ads. In 2019, the search engine launched Google Vacation to include vacation rentals, and immediately attracted the attention of major online travel agencies (OTAs) and key metasearch platforms.

Google provides travelers with alternative ways to book accommodations beyond hotels. Travelers can find unique properties—be it a cabin in Lake Tahoe or a beach house in Sydney—by applying the Vacation Rentals filter, visiting the Vacation Rentals tab, or searching for vacation rentals directly on Search.

Just like hotels, vacation rentals appear on Google Search. However, Google has made some key changes to account for important differences in what guests and owners expect when they book a vacation rental.

For example, users can book vacation rentals more easily on Google with search filters for specific amenities, higher occupancy, and multiple rooms. Additionally, Google doesn’t display the exact property address in order to protect the privacy of the owner/property manager. Instead, travelers can only see an estimated location of the property.

An advantage for vacation rental owners, managers

Google Vacation’s alliance with Kigo affords property managers a convenient way to list properties without going to Google’s site directly. In the past, property managers would have to individually post listings on Google Vacation’s platform.

Now Kigo clients have a one-stop shop.

The partnership benefits travelers and vacation rental providers who want to see and be seen.

Travelers can find their dream vacation rental with Vacation Rentals specific occupancy and amenity filters − such as if the property allows pets, is kid friendly, has a hot tub or can accommodate a group getaway. Listings are populated with photos, descriptions and pricing.

By appearing in Google Search, rental managers can compete against traditional hotel inventory and expand the options for travelers by increasing the amount (and variety) of available properties.

Growing business through Kigo, Google Vacation

Growth in the vacation rental industry bodes well for Google’s alliance with channel managers like Kigo that feature alternative lodging to hotels. When travelers search for a place to stay, vacation and short-term rental listings will populate alongside hotels.

Blending Kigo’s and Google’s platforms is another way that the industry is leveraging technology through the pandemic. Property technology has boomed as rental managers and travelers have edged toward touchless interaction. In turn, vacation rentals managed to maintain its appeal with travelers.

By offering travelers more options, vacation and short-term rentals are poised for significant growth. The global vacation rental market is projected to grow by $62.97 billion through 2024.

Through Kigo and Google Vacation, vacation rental owners and managers are in position to gain visibility and grow their book of business.

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