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Vacation rental reviews get more bookings

More vacation rental reviews equals more bookings. We all know that.

Reading the affirming words of genuine fellow-travelers is always a soothing push towards making a booking. The meteoric success of TripAdvisor is absolute testament to that.

Customers love to read about your vacation rental property and see that others have had favorable experiences. But as a prospect, the idea can be fairly daunting, with the floodgates for feedback open and highlighting the best reviews proving a time consuming process, it can be hard to know where to begin with it all.

Contact your previous guests through Kigo and request reviews from them

There are certain types of reviews that are definitely more valuable for your vacation rental agency, in terms of reaffirming that their needs from your vacation rental property will be met. So, if you only have time to target three type of booking to harvest reviews from your pool of past customers, these are three great demographics to start with;

Vacation rental guests with pets

Guests love to take their pets on holiday with them. From everyday cats and dogs, to turtles and birds, customers will really appreciate the chance to bring their animal companions along with them. So if you know that a previous guest brought their pet, getting a review for these could prove really valuable for your vacation rentals agency. It’s really great if your owners allow people to bring their animals with them, but guests are still wary of how “animal–friendly” the property is, so having a review that outlines this and what a great time was had by all of the party (pets included!) will go some way to allaying any concerns and will increase their booking potential considerably.


Families are a massive market for vacation rentals. Obviously, hotels are less of a option if you have a big family, so heading out to a vacation rental property is a massive outgoing for any family, thus they want to be sure that their children are both happy and protected. So reviews that mention any safety measures (such as guards on the fire) and extra amenities (like a cot or crib for babies and young infants) will really increase the booking potential of your family customers. Reviews that outline that all the family had a great vacation, specifically mentioning elements of the stay that the children enjoyed will also further the reaffirm the power of the review.


Display your reviews on your Kigo website

The couples market for vacation rentals has significant competition from the hotels sector, so getting some reviews that highlight the property as a romantic getaway, focusing on a feature like a log fire or stunning view, will also boost your chances of a booking. Couples breaks in vacation rental properties can prove costly affairs, and so customers will really want to ensure their investment is being put in the right vacation option, and a review highlighting your vacation rental property as a perfect place for a couple’s getaway will make a booking far more likely.

So there are just three key groups to focus on when harvesting your reviews. These types of review are really important for establishing your vacation rental agency in these markets and will really affirm customer faith in your properties. If you are looking for a place to start with customer reviews, we at Kigo recommend you start here.

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