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Channel Partner: TravelStaytion

Channel Manager Featured Partner: About TravelStaytion

TravelStaytion is refining the vacation rental experience for a discerning global audience. They created a dynamic operational framework, designed for real estate and property owners in the vacation rental industry. Their bespoke technology, standards and operation guidelines, combined with strong brand awareness and local presence allow them to deliver an unrivaled experience to all stakeholders.

Since 2012, when the company was established, TravelStaytion has evolved the vacation rentals industry, teaming up with verified and highly professional property owners and managers and offering high quality services to holiday makers and travelers all around the world. The company now acquires a growing portfolio of over 85,000 professionally managed properties coming with additional concierge services in over 700 destinations worldwide.

What are the benefits of connecting with TravelStaytion?

  • Made by Professionals: Travelstaytion collaborates only with professional hosts and property management companies that contribute, with their extraordinary services to shaping the feel-like- home experience and meet the guest’s expectations for high quality services.
  • Global Audience Reach: Through established partnership and secure payments and standard cancellation policies, TravelStaytion keeps the hosts less exposed compared to other platforms. A dedicated marketing team and travel partners target global guests looking for comfort, quality and professionalism. Connecting with TravelStaytion, property managers and owners join a like-minded community of travel professionals, and get access to a filtered pool of thousands of travellers, originating mainly from the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France and Spain looking for excellent services and travel experiences.
  • Innovative technology: With Kigo Channel Manager, TravelStaytion can now receive all property rates and availability data in real time. This reliable API connection and technically advanced software is able to optimize your properties in a very dynamic way by pushing instant updates of rates, content and availability, filling your gaps, boosting your last minute offers or long term deals to the right candidates. This means starting a partnership is just one click away in the Kigo Dashboard. To have properties reviewed, selected, and onboarded by TravelStaytion is a quick and seamless process, so property managers can focus on bookings.
  • Host Reception Services: TravelStaytion showcases and promotes through the Host Reception feature, a range of extra hospitality services, from emergency assistance, to concierge and special arrangements that the hosts can offer to the guest. and promote the full range of the services they offer, making their listing even more attractive, create additional profit for their operation and maximize the guests’ satisfaction levels. ‘’You offer more than a property, we are more than a platform’’.
  • Quality clientele: People that look for quality and value added experience, they choose TravelStaytion because they can offer personalized services throughout the entire process.
  • TravelStaytion and Kigo Channel Manager

    TravelStaytion and Kigo have built a strong collaboration over the past 7 years of our partnership, through reliable API connections that are well-maintained and frequently updated offering to the property managers and owners the opportunity to increase the bookings and revenue. Specifically, the already connected properties in all types of villas, houses and apartments in key locations produced a great number of reservations, with appointing as key destinations the UK, USA, Italy, Spain, France, Mexico and Portugal.

    “At Bernini House apartments, we have been using TravelStaytion and Kigo Channel manager for many years and we are very satisfied with this collaboration that allows us to publish and update all our properties in a complete way. The updating of information, rates and availability are fast and reliable. TravelStaytion allows us to expand the market visibility of our properties with a good number of bookings. We will continue to use TravelStaytion and Kigo Channel manager again.”- Bernini House, Italy

    If you are a property manager who would like to list your properties on TravelStaytion, you can easily request the connection via the Kigo Channel Manager. You can also reach out to your Account Manager at Kigo directly or email us at [email protected]

    To learn more about TravelStaytion visit or email [email protected]

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