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Channel Manager Featured Partner: About TravelStaytion

TravelStaytion is one of the largest and fastest-growing luxury accommodation online booking platforms for professionally managed holiday and short-term rentals. With headquarters based in London, it was established in 2013 and is now providing more than 20,000 dedicated holiday and vacation rental accommodations in 290 cities across the globe.
TravelStaytion’s priority is to ensure that every apartment offered to guests is verified and complies with high quality standards, comfort and style. For vacation rental owners and managers, this Kigo vacation rental channel partner offers a simple, free service that provides the tools and exposure needed to reach a whole new audience.
TravelStaytion connects business and leisure travelers with certified professional property providers and managers, offering access to a wide spectrum of stunning properties in top destinations across the globe. This makes it the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for an optimum level of security, quality and style.
TravelStaytion’s aim is to be the #1 choice for holiday and short-term vacation rentals. This VR channel’s priority is to ensure that every apartment is certified and offers quality, comfort and style. The portfolio of vacation rental properties boasts an array of options for every location it serves, whether for a long weekend in a city center or a holiday on a beautiful island. All properties guarantee spaciousness and privacy, with a large selection of amenities, in contrast to an everyday generic hotel where guests must pay extra add-on charges for simple necessities. To vacation rental property managers, TravelStaytion offers an easy-to-use and free service which comes with all the tools, support and exposure needed to reach a whole new audience.

Increase your customer reach

  • Promote your properties to the global reach that is needed to increase your occupancy rates
  • Attract quality and verified customers.
  • Access to a constant growing traveller’s database.

Synchronize with us in real time

  • Use Kigo’s channel manager to sync your property descriptions, photos, prices and calendars, keep your TravelStaytion connection up-to-date in real time.
  • Your vacation rental website and TravelStaytion listings are always up-to-date.
  • Use Kigo’s vacation rental software to manage your whole online presence.

Be part of one of a growing platform in online travel

  • TravelStaytion exclusively works with professionally managed, quality controlled properties.
  • Enjoy free distribution and booking system, we add commissions on top of your net prices.
  • The ability to list as many properties as you desire for Free.

Safe and Secure Booking

  • We use a secure payment infrastructure; our travellers are paying the full amount at the time of the booking to protect you against cancellation losses.
  • FREEDOM to create your own prices and availability.
  • Choose whether to accept or to decline each request.
  • Receive your payment 24hr after the guest’s check in.

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