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Operations & Maintenance

Modernize your communication, monitoring and reporting

Kigo Operations Manager (KOM) empowers property managers to focus not only on generating more bookings, but also to organize the operations side of the business. KOM is designed to organize operations and manpower resources, freeing your business to operate and grow smoothly.

The operations dashboard provides you with a clear and complete overview of your operations, allowing you to quickly and easily see your entire workload for the day. It simplifies everything from turn and maintenance scheduling to dispatch. It also allows you to monitor daily progress and communicate with your onsite staff in real-time.

Kigo Adapts to Your Business

Kigo’s Operations Manager feature allows you to manage more properties more efficiently. Real-time mobile communications allow your team to access important tasks, report any critical details to management and work conveniently from their phones in real-time.

Over time, the operations manager will learn, adapt and automatically assign turn and operations tasks to staff based on your patterns. No more morning spreadsheets or secure unit information left in the open. In the end, you’ll save up to 20 hours per week.

Don’t Take Chances with Your Business

The way you run your business can’t be a game of chance. Your ability to manage expectations and make adjustments is what will determine your success. Kigo Operations Manager allows you to move with speed, accuracy and intelligence.

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