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6 Habits of Extremely Effective Vacation Rental Managers

Changing is hard. It’s natural to see our habits as a result of the handful of flaws and virtues we were born with, unable to change them, as if we were trying to change our eye colour with sheer willpower. It can be easy to dismiss successful people as ‘Just the type that’s suited to it’. Lenin used to play postal chess with a friend in Siberia. They would exchange letters with their latest moves around every six weeks or so. He eventually abandoned this recreation because his time could be better spent on the revolution. There was a man to whom focus and dedication were a natural predilection. If you, like the rest of us, are not quite as predisposed to such focus are you doomed to mediocrity?

To be a success do you have to have this same unwavering focus and dedication? We don’t think so. There are easy things you can do and habits you can develop to make your vacation rental business even more successful. Here are just 6 habits that you can start now and that will make you a more effective property manager today.

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Wake Up Early
Your brain is febrile in the morning. You have the time and space to work on your ideas and projects before the usual chaos of the day even starts. The peace and calm of a morning is the perfect breeding ground for ideas. This can be a difficult habit to establish for anyone but once you develop the routine, the morning can quickly become your favorite and most productive part of the day. An early start is common habit amongst the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs and is consistently recommended as a way to be more productive and dynamic, rather than just putting more hours in.

Know Your Limitations
Understanding what you are unable to achieve yourself is an important habit. Being able to ask for help and delegate to those around you prevents you wasting time on fruitless tasks. It also adds the benefit of a fresh set of eyes and a new perspective.

Using the tools at your disposal is another key factor. No one person can expect to do everything and remain in control. Use a tool like Kigo to automate the running and day to day tasks of your business as you concentrate on your ideas and the parts of your business that you love.

Set Goals
Understanding what it will take to make your business successful is a big step. What do you want to achieve from your business? Know this and then have smaller goals that lead up to your overall dream. Creating goals means you can accomplish them. If you just scatter all of your energy towards the general concept of success, trying to do everything at once, it’s likely you'll ever only manage a fraction of what you intended.

Setting smaller goals that lead to your eventual target allows you to focus your energy on these smaller steps, achieving them quicker and more effectively. These can be small, daily goals such as responding to all enquiries within an hour or adding your properties onto a new portal.

Measure Your Success
If you don’t look back and grow from your experiences, successes and mistakes then it becomes infinitely harder to grow. Measuring allows you to see the actions that caused the success, as well as the ones that hindered it. Knowing what you do well lets you focus your talents where they are most effective. And remember, allow yourself time to enjoy it when you do succeed. Success is series of small victories and effective and happy property managers remember to make time to celebrate some of the smaller wins.

Treat Every Guest Individually
There is no one formula for dealing with guests. Successful vacation rental managers are never complacent or formulaic when it comes to their guests. Above all, vacation rentals are about providing a service and ensuring a vacation or trip is as enjoyable as possible. This means being available to go above and beyond at times.

Aim High
Success doesn't happen unless you drive it. Successful companies never settle. Success can be defined as always moving forward, no matter the scale or the pace. Successful and effective vacation rental managers are typified by their desire to constantly do more. Either by expanding their business or taking more bookings from the properties they have. It may be that you never meet this ultimate goal but aiming high is a recurring habit of prosperous business people.

These habits can help you become an even more effective property manager in just days. Why not share your best habits with us!