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Simplicity VS High Tech: Which Side Do You Choose?

We look at both sides of the argument.


High Tech - The Home Gadgets of the Future

It is 2014. By now I am supposed to be living in a floating city, writing this telepathically as my robot butler delivers me my food pill for the week. But, unfortunately, I’m not. It seems the technological ambition of the 80’s and 90’s far outstripped what we are actually able to do.

Today we’re looking at the ways you can automate the processes in your home, and turn it into a SmartHouse. Holidays are about leaving work and responsibilities behind so what could be better than a rental that does nearly everything for you.

Keyless entry


Imagine not having to hand over your keys or have the worry of ever losing them. Keyless systems make your life easier and your home safer.

Nest Thermostat

Easy temperature control for your guests whilst being able to turn it off remotely whenever your property is empty. Save money, and the environment at the swipe of a phone.



Just imagine a pipe bursting as your are 300 miles away, guests are arriving and it is midnight. Now imagine getting an update with a warning 2 weeks before this ever happened. LeakSmart could save you from a waking nightmare.

Nest Smoke CO2 detector

nest co2

Far more than just a gadget or a toy, this technology can save lives. It has a human voice that tell occupants of danger from smoke or carbon monoxide.

Transparent TV


This TV blends perfectly into the background before turning on, offering the same resonant colours, deep blacks and sharp images of a standard LCD TV. Practical and breathtaking.

LED Ceilingled

Allow your guests to paint the ceiling in light. A truly special touch for families.

Wifi Fridge

wifi fridge

Never run out of the essentials again. This fridge can monitor the levels in your fridge and send you reminders when you are running low.

These features are more than just the latest fad. Exquisitely designed and produced, they are the perfect way to manage a home remotely and make your property individual and exciting.

Low Tech - Simplicity is King

As the queues for the new iPhone, snaking through cities, will attest: People always want the latest development in technology. But is it ever right to rush into the latest gadgets and devices for your property?

If, like me you seem to be connected to some sort of network, with some sort of device at all times, you might want a respite from this on holiday. I’m relaxing when suddenly my WIFI-enabled fridge reminds me about my work emails piling up as I grab a beer. The toaster chimes in with a log of my carbohydrate intake. By the end of the holiday I have abandoned civilisation and am living in the woods, catching fish with a spear.

Today we look at whether choosing technology is always the right option.

A holiday should be a respite from the daily buzz, a time spent doing something different to the usual grind- have a look at how these vacation rentals have embraced this by highlighting just how ‘off the grid’ they are.

If we think of words that describe a great vacation rental, what comes to mind? Secluded? Remote? Peaceful? Relaxing? Kitting out your property could be an expensive and time consuming way to make it less appealing. Do you think guests are enticed by the latest household equipment, or would any of them truly make your life easier? Would you be better off concentrating your time and resources on just making your properties as comfortable and well designed as possible?

New technology is just going to be the latest thing collecting dust in your property. If you have the most important things about your property right, your guests won’t care about toys and gadgets. A truly great vacation rental is about the property and the setting and this is what you should concentrate on. A great property should be too eye-catching and engaging for your guests to be looking at a tablet or a computer.

So what do you think? Are you a technology lover or do you relish the escapism? Would you use any of the products we have listed or do you think you’re better off keeping it simple?