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Kigo Partner Q&A with Holidu

Kigo and Holidu Partnership


Learn more about Holidu below in our Q&A with Holidu co-founder Johannes Siebers.

How was it all started at Holidu?

We founded Holidu with the aim of creating a platform that would finally make the booking of vacation rentals easy. The idea came to us during a surfing trip to Portugal, where we faced great difficulties in trying to book the perfect vacation rental for us and our friends during our stay. Our two first bookings got rejected due to overbooking issues. We asked ourselves why booking a rental was never as easy as booking a flight or hotel, and so the idea of Holidu was born. Since our founding days we have rapidly grown and now have a team of over 400 employees with over 40 nationalities being represented, as well as having offices in a number of our key focus destinations around Europe.

Tell us a bit about Holidu.

Holidu is a search and booking platform for vacation rentals, where our mission is to finally make the booking of vacation rentals easy. The platform allows travelers to book the ideal accommodation for the lowest price. For this purpose, Holidu integrates the offers from more than 2,500 property managers and partners. Our unique deduplication and price comparison technology allows us to always show properties at the best price to travelers. We are 100% focused on vacation homes and seek to organize happy holidays for travelers, happy partners, and happy homeowners.

Who is Holidu’s customer? 

Holidu's offer is aimed at all high-quality international holiday home renters, families, friend groups, couples, and solo travelers. Since the Corona pandemic, vacation rentals are also booming among those who are moving their home office elsewhere. Home office work allows many people to work from locations other than their own homes, and these are often vacation rentals in popular vacation destinations. 

With 100+ M unique users per year, we have had over 10+M happy customers since our founding.

COVID-19 really shook up the vacation and corporate rental industry! What were some shifts you saw in terms of travel trends?

I believe that COVID-19 will act as a catalyst for many travel trends that have been emerging for a long time: vacations in one's own country, individual travel, a more eco-friendly and sustainable focus. In addition, digitization and online business have made an enormous leap - also in the tourism industry.

Vacation rentals are a safe way to travel during a pandemic, so the vacation rental market is booming. People who previously wouldn’t have considered a vacation rental are now turning to this as an option, and this will give the vacation rental market a lasting boost.

What travel trends will shape the vacation rental industry in 2022?

Foremost good news: we believe 2022 will be a very strong year for travel and vacation rentals. Compared to 2019 we see significantly higher demand for bookings in shoulder seasons and even in off-season, likely triggered through demand for "workation" and a pent-up desire for travel.

We also see that prices per night are up compared to 2019, and we see continued increased demand for rural areas.

It will be interesting to see the impact of rising energy prices. It may lead to a continued strong demand for domestic travel where travel expenses are lower.

Lastly, we cannot talk about trends without mentioning sustainability, sustainable travel will only continue to grow in importance. In a customer survey among travelers, conducted by Holidu, 85 percent of participants indicated that sustainability is important to them when it comes to vacation. With this in mind, Holidu has implemented a new “Eco” label, that allows travelers to quickly and easily find environmentally-friendly accommodations. Holidu is also climate neutral, meaning all CO2 emissions generated by our operational processes and essential travel by our employees are compensated.

How can I get started with Holidu?

To get started now, you can sign up through the link here: .

You can also reach out to your Account Manager at Kigo, or email us at [email protected]