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Key Caribe Creates an Outstanding Vacation Rental Guest Experience  

In the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean is Curacao, an island destination offering crystal clear waters, brightly colored buildings and rich culture. The island is also the headquarters of Key Caribe, a vacation rental management company representing more than 200 properties throughout the Caribbean.

Image via Key Caribe

The company began from the roots of Morren & Poleon, a luxury concierge company on Curacao started by Mitchell Poleon and Carmela Klooster. Morren & Poleon successfully catered to corporations, VIPs and clients who sought a special destination for a special occasion. With a number of requests for vacation rentals, the owners formed Key Caribe. The company quickly grew and continues to expand to new destinations.

Key Caribe is motivated to provide an outstanding vacation rental guest experience from check-in to check-out. Positive reviews and striving to wow guests throughout their journey has company officers looking to expand its client base from tourists to corporations. The company’s mission is “serving customers, striving for continuous improvement, respect for every individual, honoring agreements and integrity as the basis for trust and teamwork.”

A memorable vacation rental guest experience from start to finish

The Baker family had a memorable vacation experience in Curacao from start to finish because they got some help along the way from Key Caribe.

One of the family’s favorite vacation activities is to explore their destination on four-wheelers. At other destinations, the family usually rode around not really knowing where they were going, just experiencing the ride. But in Curacao, a destination they identified through Key Caribe, the family had a guide to explain the experience.

“Here on Curacao, we had the opportunity to have the tour guides explain every part of the island we were going through,” said Richard Baker in a YouTube video on Key Caribe’s website.

The four-wheeler trip included stops at interesting places around the island, exploring a bat-filled cave and an up-close look at some of the island’s most colorful waters only accessible by off-road vehicles.

“They were able to show us everything we needed to know about the island,” Baker said. “We actually had a true experience in coming to Caracao for our vacation.”

Motivated to wow guests from check-in to check-out

A big part of Key Caribe’s success has come from providing that great vacation rental guest experience that Baker relates in the video.

Key Caribe trusts Kigo Guest Experience to make their guests feel at home even when they are traveling from the other side of the world. Guests like the Baker family can access information with ease, get 24/7 support, and provide feedback regarding their stay. Staff are more productive by automating tasks like maintenance requests, check-ins and check-outs, and housekeeping.

Image via Key Caribe

Kigo Guest Experience also allows companies to create new revenue streams by partnering with local vendors. Key Caribe has carved out a niche in the vacation rental industry by providing concierge service at all properties represented on the island. Concierges arrange transportation, tours, golf outings, special events and relaxation activities. The concierge will even go beyond whetting appetites by pre-stocking a villa kitchen with preferred groceries to arranging a private chef to prepare special meals or give cooking lessons.

Key Caribe believes the extra attention provided by property managers is important because “when people go on vacation to a villa rental for the first time, they don’t know what to expect. They don’t realize the experience is different from going to a hotel. There is nobody waiting at the reception to check you in.”

What sets apart one vacation property from the other is the magnitude of the experience. Create an unforgettable one with Kigo Guest Experience. Get a free demo today!

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