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Kigo launches its new Branding!

Kigo to Take on a New Look, a New Approach

Kigo is introducing a fresh new logo as part of a fresh new approach to its product offering.

A new logo in and of itself might not be headline news, but in this case, it represents much more.

If the pandemic has shown us anything about the vacation rental industry, it’s that the entrepreneurs who fuel it; are creative, flexible, and ready to adjust to the contingencies of the times.  Those without the commitment – and the software – to run in a lean, efficient way are either fading or no longer among us. Flawed business models have disappeared under the pressure. Partnerships that didn’t serve both parties dissolved. And software companies that did not take advantage of the lull to enhance their offerings will soon be struggling to compete as the industry adapts to any unprecedented situation.

That said, at Kigo, we have taken the opportunity, during the last couple of years, to look back and focus the efforts on our main core products - Like the Channel Manager (striving to maintain the highest partnership status with each channel partner), and with Third-party vendors that complement Kigo’s platform. We have also dedicated resources to strengthening the security of our system, ensuring the highest regard for the safety of our customer’s data.

We are moving towards completion of the transition from our tried-and-true legacy platform to our next-generation platform, which will offer customers a Kigo packed with great features; simple yet more flexible. We are also aiming to integrate with more partners, as well as consolidate our existing connections with the main players in the industry, driving a new level of flexibility that allows Kigo to outperform for clients of just about any size, complexity, or business model.

Kigo. A software for all seasons

Kigo new logo

The name "Kigo" is derived from the seasonal orientation of Japanese poetry, emphasizing the close connection of Kigo’s business to seasonality and vacation travel.

A lot of thought has gone into the new logo and will also be applied to our new website that is coming soon;  we want the branding to clearly reflect our post-Covid priorities.

The pandemic re-shaped the vacation rental business and amplified the importance of software that’s flexible enough to adjust to clients of any type, size, and way of doing business.

The symbology

Kigo Symbology

Some elements in the logo serve to support the new branding. Such as the inclusion of “curly braces”, derived from coding languages that mark the start and end of a code block, symbolic of the new technology and approach Kigo is launching.  Stay abreast to learn more soon!

Kigo’s business is as much about people [our staff and our clients] as it is about technology. If you’re a Kigo client, you already know how we value our relationships with you and our overall mission to help you grow your business.

We hope you are as excited as we are that Kigo is taking things to the next level to serve you even better!

For any further questions, if you are a Kigo client, please reach out to your Account Manager or email us at [email protected]. If you are still not part of the Kigo Family, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or request a demo at