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Improved Automation and Branding

Ishmael Portelli, Operations Manager Gozo Village

Kigo helps Gozo Village make the most out of its vacation rentals with better short-term rental software

With a half-million inhabitants, the Mediterranean-based Maltese islands attract over 1.6 million tourists per year according to the World Tourism Organization. That makes them a lucrative home base Ishmael Portelli’s company, Gozo Village. And Kigo helped Gozo cash in on that potential success.

Portelli, Operations Manager for the company, shares that Kigo has changed the way his company his does business, allowing it to take on more houses, automate processes and stay on top of its pricing model. Before, he had to manage each channel manually, not he can dynamically price his properties to get the absolute most revenue for each and everyone. In addition, Kigo’s websites have helped showcase Gozo’s houses and provided a professional platform to make the best of its properties.