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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips: On-Page & Off-Page SEO

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As you may already know, ranking high in Google is not an easy position to achieve, there are however many marketing techniques vacation rental managers can adopt to optimize SEO. At Kigo, we understand that sometimes vacation rental managers may need a helping hand when it comes to knowing SEO so we like to share any tips wherever possible.

Leading SEO consultant Ben Norman has created an excellent and insightful infographic (see below) on the main aspects that contribute to SEO rankings, distinguishing between the on-page and the off-page factors of SEO. In brief, on-page factors of SEO are all website-related aspects, whereas off-page factors refer to everything beyond the actual website like links pointing to the site.

On-page SEO

He starts by the on-page factors like keywords and metatags and moves on to the importance of good quality, original and updated content. His statistics show how important a blog is, which should be considered when coming up with your vacation rental marketing strategy.

Ben explains about the technical aspects of SEO and lists useful must-haves of good SEO e.g. the XML sitemap that shows a list of URLs to Google, the robots.txt which indicates the kind of content on the site to index and which ones to avoid. For obvious reasons, the loading time of a website is very important and should be as little as possible, and the URLs should be organized in a logical way. Google is after all a robot and will find pages easier if there is a hierarchy behind your vacation rental website.

Off-page SEO

The infographic also shows off-page factors like social media. Social media plays a major role in SEO because it makes it easier to share content and creates links that direct back to your vacation rental website. It can also be used to increase your visibility and your online public presence. Last but not least, social media helps to generate engagement and interaction with possible clients.

Google Plus is gaining more and more importance for vacation rental businesses. As shown in the infographic, the Google Plus profile appears beside the Google search result. Not only does this certify credibility, it is excellent for increasing SEO.

Probably the most interesting part of this infographic is the strategies to create backlinks to your site with blogs and videos.

All in all, this infographic might be schematic, but it is you who will fill in the gaps according to your vacation rental agency and your needs.

Through sharing this infographic, we hope we have shaped a better understanding of how on-page and off-page SEO can benefit your vacation rental website. Please feel free to share with those of interest or comment any thoughts in the box below. Good luck with your website´s SEO!

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