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Staying on Top of Vacation Rental Bookings with a Unified Inbox


By: Tim Blackwell

Kigo now integrates messaging API from Airbnb to provide property managers a powerful new way to stay on top of their vacation rental bookings and improve communications with prospects and guests.

The new messaging system shows email messages submitted through Airbnb’s platform and Kigo software in a single, unified inbox so property managers don’t have to toggle back and forth from one to the other. Vacation property managers now have all their conversation threads from Airbnb and their own website consolidated on a single platform. There is no need to handle communications separately on Airbnb’s platform.

“At the end of day, you can manage Airbnb messages without leaving Kigo software,” says Kigo Connectivity Senior Manager Montse del Fresno. “Anything you want to see from Airbnb, you receive in Kigo. You can manage all the messages in one place instead of on separate platforms.”

Benefits of the unified inbox

When a prospect inquires on Airbnb about a listing created in Kigo software, the property manager now immediately sees the thread in Kigo’s software rather than having to check Airbnb’s inbox.

Here’s how the unified inbox helps property managers:

  • No toggling back and forth. Property managers can start their morning logging into Kigo and not have to worry about hopping over to Airbnb to check messages. With one log-in, property managers can receive and send all messages.
  • Faster response to messages. Vacation rental property managers are typically logged into Kigo more than they are Airbnb. As messages to Airbnb arrive into Kigo’s inbox, property managers can see them instantly and respond to guests and prospects more quickly to answer questions and secure vacation rental bookings. Faster responses are important to attaining top ranking status with Airbnb.
  • All-in-one communication. Kigo now has a unified message thread between the property manager and guest. Property managers will no longer have to check their Kigo system and Airbnb inbox to keep up with activity on a particular property. The unified inbox makes it easier to receive and send messages.
  • Better reservation management. Once the vacation reservation is created, all past and future communications are recorded on the reservation page.
  • More reliable delivery. With Airbnb messages populating Kigo’s inbox, guests and prospects can be assured their messages will be received and not end up in spam folders.

Better guest communication

Property managers can automatically receive door codes in the Kigo inbox from Kigo partners like Operto and send information for guests to the Airbnb platform via their preferred language (English, Spanish, Italian, German or French).

And, Kigo’s Inquiry AutoResponder automatically responds to inquiries from Airbnb, which helps the property listing gain additional visibility.

“In addition to creating a better experience for the guest by providing an immediate response, this new functionality will help property managers reach Airbnb Superhost status, which requires them to respond to 90% of new messages within 24 hours,” says del Fresno.

Streamlined vacation rental bookings

The unified inbox ultimately allows property managers to more easily maintain active conversations with guests and prospects to enhance the vacation rental experience.

Property managers can more quickly and conveniently see all pre-booking inquiries and requests, and send pertinent information to speed the booking process. And once the booking is made, property managers can be notified much faster of the listing, check-in/check-out dates, the guest’s name, the number of adults and children in the booking and other important information via the unified inbox.

Also, if a property manager has contracted the services of a door lock company, the door code will be received in the inbox the day the reservation is created.

Receiving messaging in a unified inbox ensures that nothing gets lost between Airbnb and Kigo, enhancing the opportunity to convert leads into more business.

These features and others will help you prevent valuable vacation rental bookings from slipping through the cracks!

At Kigo, we're here to help you create vacation rental listings that stand apart from the competition. See how Kigo can help you attract and convert more vacation rental guests.

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