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Kigo Pricing


Up to 19 Units

Monthly Subscription $149
Per Booked Night Fee $0.70
Free Trial

Up to 199 Units

Monthly Subscription $299
Per Booked Night Fee $0.65
Free Trial

Up to 499 Units*

Monthly Subscription $499
Per Booked Night Fee $0.60
Free Trial

*Customers with more than 500 Units will require an addendum to the Services Agreement. Contact Sales for additional details.

Vacation Rental Marketing Websites

Kigo Digital Marketing Services**

There is power in simplicity
Setup Fee Free
Monthly Subscription $29
Kigo Checkout
Combine an end to end payment solution
Setup Fee $299
Monthly Subscription $49
More personalization
for the professional
Setup Fee $499
Monthly Subscription $99
Brand differentiation is of utmost importance
Setup Fee Custom
Monthly Subscription $149

**Contact Sales for additional details

Additional Vacation Management Services (Up to 499 units)

Additional Services

Kigo Contact Center
Monthly Subscription $250
OR Monthly Per Unit Fee $5.00
Kigo Platinum Support
Monthly Subscription $500
Kigo Revenue Management
Per Booked Night Fee $0.60
Kigo Guest App
Per Booked Night Fee $0.60

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to support all abilities and ranges within our platform. However, please be aware that our most successful customer has 20-99 exclusively managed units with experience of back office solutions and traditional software for accounting and management. If you have any doubts about whether or not Kigo is right for you, you can speak to an Account Executive and get a no obligations free trial today.

Yes – There is a $1000 Setup/Implementation Fee that gives you access to an Implementation Consultant who will guide and assist you through the set up process, and optional Data Import services to help you import your properties into Kigo. The Implementation Consultant will work with you on a number of calls to ensure you are able to set up your account exactly as you need it, with the ultimate goal of connecting you to channels so you can begin to receive bookings and benefit from Kigo’s full suite of services.

Yes – you will need an account with the Channel Partners directly and then you will synchronize the connection through Kigo. Please be aware that every channel has a nuanced connection procedure and not all channels synchronize the same way. For a more detailed explanation please refer to our portal connections status document here.

Our pricing is a tier and performance model calculated on your needs and unit count. Please refer to the pricing page here for more detailed information.

Kigo is currently supported in 6 languages English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German. Your country must have a payment processor that is supported from the following list to ensure you have the ability to take Online Bookings.

Yes – absolutely either fill out a demo request form here or call this number to have an Account Executive demonstrate the service and set you up with a 14 day trial for your own edification. Please be aware that you will not be able to take any live bookings in trial mode, this is simply a personal account with test data for you to experience the features and functionality.

The initial term of the Agreement is for 12 months, but customers can cancel anytime with no cancellation fees with 30-days written notice.

We offer support 365-7. Kigo Multi-lingual Product Support is available 9AM – 6PM CET, Mo-Fr; English is available until 1AM Mo-Fr & 4PM – 12PM Saturday & Sunday. By phone (855) 977-0843 option 2 or email:

Contact Sales