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Give your vacation rental marketing a boost by listing on one of the biggest portals in the industry, Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO). VRBO is one of the largest and most successful portals in the HomeAway family, with over 200,000 listings in locations all over the world. Transferring data from your vacation rental website to VRBO is a very simple process thanks to the Kigo Channel Manager, and using this, you can receive a wealth of new inquiries from potential customers directly into your Kigo account. You can sync all your property data, including photos, property descriptions and calendar updates to VRBO using the Kigo Channel Manager.

Expand your vacation rental marketing reach

  • Each listing on VRBO averages 127 inquiries per year, boost your vacation rental marketing through VRBO effortlessly.
  • Put your vacation rental property on a site with 146 million visitors every year, get inquiries from new customers every single day.
  • VRBO is visible for over 600,000 different search queries on major search engines.

Sync your calendars with Kigo’s vacation rental software

  • Use the Kigo Channel Manager to display your photos, content, prices and calendar updates on your VRBO listing.
  • Update your properties’ calendar on VRBO in real time; as soon as you get a booking on your vacation rental website, the dates are marked as blocked on VRBO.
  • Get all your VRBO inquiries sent directly to your Kigo account, streamline your vacation rental marketing with Kigo.

Manage your vacation rental marketing budget

  • Flexible payment options, subscribe for a year or pay per inquiry.
  • Spend less if you have certain peaks in your schedule, manage your yield effectively.
  • Know your property will get a large volume of inquiries? Buy a subscription and they cost will be the same each month.

Advertise on the biggest vacation rental website network in the world

  • VRBO is part of the HomeAway group, meaning that you can get listings with top portals all over the world.
  • List your property with VRBO, and you will be featured on HomeAway, Abritel, Owners Direct, Fewo Direkt and many more.
  • Sync your property data across all these sites using Kigo vacation rental software.

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