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Channel Manager Featured Partner: About is one of the leading vacation rentals portals in Spain. Based in Barcelona, promotes close to 30,000 apartments, villas and unique places all over the world and over 500 destinations worldwide. Connecting to through Kigo is a very quick and easy process that will increase your bookings for your vacation rental properties. Kigo’s vacation rental software allows you to connect to effortlessly using our channel manager.

Drive more bookings for your properties

  • Reach more customers and drive more online bookings with
  • Thousands of visitors will see your properties every single day. Free listing.
  • Publish without effort: We take charge of publishing your apartments in just 1 or 2 days
  • Reach a global audience and become leader of Spanish market.

Synchronize all your data and keep your availability constantly up-to-date

  • Synchronize your calendars constantly with La Comunity.
  • Manage the costs of your vacation rental marketing effectively.
  • Send property descriptions, basic pricing data, photos and calendar updates with Kigo.

Free listing. Pay only for confirmed bookings

  • List for free on La Comunity. Avoid costly up-front registration fees.
  • Manage the costs of your vacation rental marketing effectively.
  • Only pay a small percentage for every confirmed booking. The guests will pay the total amount of the stay to La Comunity.

Connect to La Comunity effortlessly through Kigo

  • Send a connection request through your Kigo account.
  • As soon as La Comunity receives your request and confirms with you, you can select which properties you want to promote on La Comunity.
  • Be live on their site and ready to receive bookings through La Comunity within few hours.

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