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Channel Partner: Escalea

Channel Manager Featured Partner: About Escalea

Since 2007, Escalea has offered a premium range of handpicked holiday rentals worldwide. Escalea has a rigorous vacation rental selection process and collaborates only with licensed property management firms. This trusted vacation rental partner is devoted to offering a premium range of handpicked apartments, promising a first-class, trouble-free experience. Operating worldwide, Escalea offers entirely furnished, centrally located apartments and is only dedicated to vacations rentals.
Escalea has developed a human approach to relating to guests and attending to their needs. They stay true to their rigorous apartments’ selection process because they only collaborate with licensed property management firms based on their credibility, qualifications and expertise. Their customer service unit is professionally trained to address any guest concerns, and communications are prompt and tailored. Ultimately, Escalea’s goal is to accommodate all of their guests’ needs so that their stay is safe, sound and pleasant.

Get more bookings for free

  • Escalea does not charge you any commission on bookings or any subscription fee.
  • Do not get lost among hundred thousands of listings. Escalea lists only the best properties to be sure each one is visible enough for our clients.
  • Escalea is visible globally, with a special focus on families.

Focus on your property management expertise

  • Escalea takes care of the entire booking process for you.
  • Save hundreds of hours in your workflow not dealing with clients doubts and questions.
  • Put your energy where it creates value for your owners.

Let us do the work!

  • Pictures, calendars, rates, descriptions… everything is synced to through Kigo channel manager.
  • The bookings they take for you will update directly in your calendars.
  • Save time and effort automating entirely our collaboration.

Work with a human sized company

  • Escalea assigns you a unique agent always at your service.
  • Escalea strives to remain flexible for you.
  • Count on them to always be at your support.

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