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Since 2011, 9flats has made a large impact on the peer-to-peer rental scene, scooping up over 88,000 listings and becoming a leading vacation rental website, as well as a trusted Kigo VR channel partner. Connect properties to 9flats using Kigo’s vacation rental software and save time and money on vacation rental marketing while increasing bookings. List your property with one of the biggest names in the vacation rental market today through Kigo and simplify your connection to this high-volume portal effortlessly. Boost your booking levels by leveraging 9flats’ huge traffic volume, and ensure your listings are always up-to-date using Kigo’s vacation rental channel manager.

Expand your vacation rental marketing reach

  • Get your property listed with 9flats and improve visibility of your portfolio to their thousands of visitors every single day.
  • 9flats have a network of over 50,000 dedicated users, reach new customers for your vacation rental properties.
  • Get more bookings by partnering with 9flats for your vacation rental marketing.

Sync your calendars with Kigo’s vacation rental software

  • Use Kigo to keep your listing on 9flats constantly synced with your vacation rental website.
  • Take bookings on your vacation rental website and see them instantly appear on your 9flats calendar.
  • Manage your online presence using the Kigo channel manager.

Use 9flats to get the most out of your vacation rental marketing budget

  • List with 9flats with no upfront fees.
  • Use their site for free and only pay when you make a booking.
  • Use their thousands of customers and only pay a small percentage of the value of the booking.

Give your owners peace of mind with 9flats insurance

  • All bookings with 9Flats is covered for claims of up to €500,000 by 9flats insurance.
  • Any accidental damages covered by this insurance, provided in conjunction with Zurich Insurance.
  • Provide reassurance and added value to your customers with 9flats.

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