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KigoPay Guest Payments

Why does my card statement show a charge from this site?

Who is Kigo?

Kigo is a Vacation Rental platform used by property managers and owners to run their short-term rental business and includes secure payment processing.

Why did you charge me?

You made a booking through one of our vacation rental partners or you booked direct and saved with one of the worldwide property management companies that we support. You should have received an email with a booking payment confirmation.

Still not sure?

Not a problem, if you still do not recognize the charge, then please contact us so that we can help clarify and provide additional details.


USA: 1-855-977-0843
Europe: +34 946 542572

By Language:
Spanish: +34 911 237 185
French: +33 987 67 51 36
Portuguese: +351 308 804 704
Italian: +34 946 542 572 (Option 5)
German: +43 720 880 926
UK: +44 131 510 2827
Brazil: +55 21 40 42 1046

Still have questions about the charge or are expecting a refund?

Now that you have recognized the charge, but have questions or are expecting a refund, we recommend that you reach out directly to the property management company.

How do I reach out to the property management company?

After you booked online and during your stay at the vacation rental, the property management company should have provided you with direct contact information preferably a phone number or even a booking confirmation email.

If you are unable to locate their contact number, please reach out to us directly and we will be happy to assist you!

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