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A Seamless and Easy Payment Process

Tom Powers, Abodeca CEO

Kigo Helps the CEO of Abodeca Handle Payments and Channels Easily, Quickly, Seamlessly

Tom Powers, CEO and Founder of US-based short term rental marketplace Abodeca was inspired to choose Kigo’s solution for two main reasons: cost and functionality. Not only was the product he was previously using more expensive than Kigo, it wasn’t working well and was frustrating to use. So, he decided to try Kigo and the results have been extremely positive. Tom has found that his processes are streamlined and everything runs much more smoothly and before. The payment processor is in line with Kigo and his company’s processes, allowing him to focus on other areas besides payments. Best of all, Kigo has help Abodeca graduate from a startup to a growing company with a real back office and a professional web presence, something that also impresses his clientele.

Founded by property managers who envision bringing the industry back to the time when potential guests and hosts could easily connect to each other without a middleman getting in the way, Abodeca creates a comfortable, low-cost solution for both parties.