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Kigo Gives Your Guests Everything They Need (Italian)

Guglielmo Scarpa, CEO and Founder, Canguro

Kigo delivers on guest experiences

After implementing Kigo, Guglielmo Scarpa, CEO, and Founder, Canguro noticed that it gave his clients a better sense of security when booking his properties. As soon as a guest agrees to stay in one of his properties they get everything they need to know right at their fingertips. From the address of the building to the Wi-Fi passwords, and even laws around garbage disposal. Kigo allows Guglielmo to customize the experience for each one of his properties so that he can deliver an exceptional guest experience. In fact, it works so well Guglielmo can almost set it and forget it, because everything is automatic, from the booking to arrival leaving his guests happy and secure in the knowledge everything is taken care of.