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Kigo is a game-changer for Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna (Italian)

Vincenzo Nardo, Owner, Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna

Kigo solutions complement each, so it’s the fully integrated package that makes the difference. Kigo allows Vincenzo Nardo, owner of Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna, to be more organized and professional in his interactions with owners and guests.

Channel Manager has helped him achieve 20-30 bookings in the offseason, which from a revenue standpoint is nearly quadruple what he had before. Kigo Guest Experience gives him the capability to send everything automatically, giving him more time to organize properties, talk to owners and advertise the company, as well as organize the website and ensure all his calendars are updated. And with Kigo Pay his guests can pay with any credit card they have, so Nardo Immobiliare Sardegna can book more stays and increase guest satisfaction.