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Kigo Partner Q&A With TurnoverBnB

Kigo integrates TurnoverBnB

We are excited to announce TurnoverBnB as an official partner for our Kigo clients. Learn more about TurnoverBnB in our Q&A with Assaf Karmon, Co-Founder and CEO.

Tell us a bit about TurnoverBnB

TurnoverBnB is the premier tool for short-term rental managers and cleaners to connect and automatically manage their vacation rental cleanings.

What services do you provide to help hosts and property managers?

With TurnoverBnB, vacation rental managers have access to an exclusive marketplace made up of tens of thousands of local cleaning professionals. Once you connect with service providers in your area, you can automatically schedule, communicate with, and pay them all in one easy-to-use app. Key features include reporting and sharing problems, inventory tracking, and creating checklists for your cleaner to follow.

What services do you provide to help vacation rental cleaners?

TurnoverBnB gives cleaners the tools they need to manage their current clients while introducing them to new customers. While the marketplace helps cleaners find new vacation rental managers in their area, cleaners can truly grow their business by setting their own prices and managing their own schedules.

What are the benefits of using technology to automate vacation rental cleaning?

Oftentimes, property managers manage multiple units and get burned out and overwhelmed. Managers get into this business to generate income from properties, not spend all their time scrambling for cleaners. However, technology, in general, is making it easier and easier to manage properties and source cleaning services. TurnoverBnB specifically is making it easier for property managers to truly automate their business.

What sets you apart from other short-term rental software platforms?

We specifically support the cleaning aspect of the vacation rental industry through our application which allows operators to schedule cleaners, their workflow, manage inventory such as bathroom amenities and cutlery, reporting, and even paying them – and it's all available in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese!

The vacation rental industry has been impacted by labor shortages and inflation. What were the biggest shifts you saw?

Inflated prices affect both property managers as well as cleaning business owners. As more and more vacation rentals are booked, but with fewer professional cleaners to service them, short-term rental hosts and property managers are having to dish out more money on average for each turnover.

The current economic climate doesn’t seem to be shifting any time soon, but specialized tools and platforms can help mitigate the challenges faced by hosts and cleaners. Our cleaner marketplace utilizes a bidding process to keep cleaning rates competitive.

How is TurnoverBnB helping short-term rental hosts adapt to these changes?

We support property managers with their cleaning staff challenges by providing access to our marketplace of 76,000 international cleaners to help make it possible to expand cleaning teams, provide operators with backup cleaners or even "one-off" cleans.

How can I get started with TurnoverBnB?

To get started automating your vacation rental cleaning, start your 14-day free trial on TurnoverBnB. Hosts and property managers can also request a demo to learn more about the platform and ask questions.

Fortunately, Kigo has an API integration with TurnoverBnB, so it takes only a few easy clicks to get started. Kigo has also included a 45-second step-by-step video to walk you through the process.

 For any additional questions, you can also email us at [email protected], or reach out to your Account Manager at Kigo directly!