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Deliver a Superb End-to-End Payment Experience

Recorded March 14 2019 at 13:00 CST | UTC/GMT -6

Delivering a superb, end-to-end payment experience for your guests starts with screening and relies on a secure check-out process but there is much more. What about partners? Can you reconcile differences well after the stay? It’s time to learn what solutions you need to have in place for payments at check-in, with partners, that include easy guest tools and tracking from the booking and payment submission, to post stay refunds, reports and reconciliation.

Join Benjamin McGee, Director Kigo Sales Live: Thursday, March 14 at 13:00 CST | UTC/GMT -6 or Friday, March 15 at 08:00 CST | UTC/GMT -6 and he’ll help you cover all your bases by showing you:

  • How real-time guest screening technology can ensure each booking is secure
  • Tips for processing multiple currencies when bookings originate from different countries
  • How to map and improve your payment workflow
  • How to localize the payment experience
  • Manage payment data and best practices for reconciling with your finances
  • How to minimize fraud and reduce monetary security risk
  • And more

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Benjamin McGee

Benjamin is based at our corporate headquarters in Richardson, Texas. He is passionate about helping clients reach their full potential and provide unforgettable experiences for their guests, which inspires him to go above and beyond every day. As a Kigo Sales Director, Benjamin’s principal role and responsibility is to help new customers learn more about our solutions and take full advantage of them.