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KigoWorld 2020 Preview: Keynote Speaker & Property Courses

The team is getting ready for KigoWorld 2020 and excited to share about our heroic keynote speaker, Matt Landau, and a few of our can’t-miss sessions.

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A Keynote Speaker Who Comes with a Cape

As many of you know, Matt Landau is one of the most passionate advocates for advancing the livelihood of short-term rental industry entrepreneurs—and this is why we love him! Working with a high-power group of industry thought leaders, academics and service providers who informally call themselves the “avengers,” they are committed to unifying advocacy efforts and sharing best practices across the global community to fortify the industry’s future.

As he shared in the January 13 post for Short Term Rentalz, “Regulation is the short-term rental industry’s greatest threat: unfair or inconsistent regulation puts every independent vacation rental business at risk. Even hosts attempting to contribute honestly and professionally are currently being be affected and the livelihood of the movement is in danger…This harsh reality was the impetus for a private meeting with the goal of creating a playbook of their collective wisdom for the broader short-term rental community to mobilise and effectuate change.”

Don’t miss his amazing keynote that is sure to elevate your own endgame. Register now!

Can't-Miss Courses

All the courses at KigoWorld will be extremely valuable for Property Managers/Property Management Companies/Owners but we are highlighting these 5 starting sessions to give you an idea of what to expect.

Our Property Managers are always interested in ways they can drive more traffic and bookings to their website, and we have 2 awesome sessions dedicated to just that:

Creating Online Chemistry: How to Attract More Qualified Leads

This course will be led by your peers, successful vacation rental property managers that Kigo has gathered to offer tips on creating content, ramping up your social media to increase visibility, and how to use OTAs for guest acquisition. There will also be time after this course for an interactive Q&A.

How to Boost Direct Bookings & OTA Rankings

This course will provide PMs with actionable digital marketing and SEO tactics to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates. You will also learn how your Kigo website impacts your OTA rankings and get tips to increase your OTA rankings.

Our Kigo customers range from property managers with a few properties trying to do everything themselves to property management companies with several hundred or even several thousand properties.

Our PMC clients remember the days of trying to do it themselves, so we have two courses that will provide practical, real-world tips on how to grow, how to manage that growth, pitfalls to avoid and how to scale as you grow:

Spend Money to Make Money
Come learn how small business owners can get to the next level. Key highlights include how to scale while protecting your bottom line, when to use third parties for profitability, and more important best practices on how to grow your business.

The Enterprise End Game: How to Grow Big
This isn’t just another session focused on growth. We will have case studies reflecting different types and sizes of successful PMCs and their secrets to accelerate growth, what to avoid, and which tools helped get them there.

No matter the size of your organization, there’s one thing that impacts everyone, and that is regulations. We are pleased to offer a session that will offer insights on how to be flexible, remain nimble and manage what could otherwise derail your business.

How to Avoid Regulatory Ruts
Red tape, bureaucracies, Vacation Rental regulatory measures!! Get ready. This session will provide a ton of value. Our popular industry speaker will be discussing the regulatory changes in certain European and North American cities and how to successfully adapt to sudden regulatory changes in your market.

And for those interested in learning more about performance across the globe, join us for “Beyond Football: North American vs. European Markets,” where we’ll explore the differences between the vacation rental market in the U.S and Europe. Specifically, some of the technology differences and how to benchmark North American vs. European performance results.

We hope you enjoy this little preview of KigoWorld, and we can’t wait to see you in Barcelona March 23-25.

If you haven’t already registered, please go here and remember to save some time to visit the best of Barcelona!