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Download Free Channel Manager eBook

Best marketing and channel management resources to increase bookings for vacation rentals.

We are very excited to announce our eBook Vacation Rental Management: Channel Manager.

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Whether you are well acquainted with channel management tools, or you have never heard of channel management, we believe our comprehensive Channel Manager eBook will provide you with valuable marketing knowledge to increase your bookings.

Your Free Vacation Rental Management Guide

There are many different avenues of vacation rental marketing that property managers can take to acquire new guests, from SEO to review management. In this particular vacation rental management guide we focus on how channel management is a great customer aquisition tool. This guide will shape an understanding of channel management, demonstrate how portals work and provide tips on how to effectively advertising on portals to increase bookings.

Our free marketing resource covers a range of topics;

  • A brief history of Channel Management: learn about the increase of online-marketing channels and the importance of advertising on multiple channels in this day in age
  • How to automate Channel Management tools: discover how the channel manager works and how you can utilize the channel management process
  • Tips for choosing the right portal: advice on choosing the right property listing portal for your vacation rental business to maximize your booking leads
  • How to make your portal listings stand out from the competition: an insight into creating attractive portal listings to help you stand out above the crowd and much more..

Please feel free to download our completely free eBook, Vacation Rental Management: Channel Manager and share with anyone of interest. We’d love to hear from you so you are very welcome to ask any questions or provide feedback in the comment box below:

If you are a vacation rental manager looking to implement a channel manager or vacation rental software consider using Kigo. You can contact one of our vacation rental software experts at [email protected] or on the phone (Europe) +34 512 702 104 ‧ (Asia) +66 (0) 92 471 8426

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