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VR Guest Check-In App Keeps Them Coming Back

The mobile revolution has forever changed the travel and hospitality industry. According to TripAdvisor's TripBarometer study, 74 percent of US travelers will not leave home without their mobile devices. Furthermore, mobile travelers typically take 3 or more trips per year, making this segment of travelers a lucrative market to target for your vacation rental management company.

Guest Check-In App

Guest check-in app appeals to the mobile traveler

Tailoring your booking processes to the desires and expectations of the mobile traveler, then, is the smart thing to do. One of the trends showing no signs of slowing down in the near future is providing a check-in guest app for the convenience of mobile travelers.

VRMIntel's "Online User Experience: What You Can Learn from OTAs" gives this advice: "Make it easy for your guest to interact with you. Apart from promoting your services, apps can offer loyalty programs that provide your guests value and provide you with a great new marketing technique - Push Notifications & GPS Marketing."

What guest management apps offer

The main attraction of guest management software is that it enables you to provide a highly personalized traveler experience for your guests. By means of a guest services app, you can share property information and time sensitive arrival details which guests can access easily via their mobile devices.

Delivering a welcome package of information to your guests in this manner is simple and convenient both for you and for the guest. Guests no longer have to keep up with a bulky file of paperwork, and you can capture and digitally store their signed rental agreement as well. This streamlined process saves time and money by reducing your paper and postage costs.

More importantly, however, the guest check-in app provides your guests with a superior customer service experience.

Not just a check in tool, but also a guest services tool

You may already be using email to deliver your welcome packet and to facilitate the signing of a rental agreement. So, you may be wondering why you need a guest check-in app. The answer to that is a simple one. A guest check-in app can be much more than just an easier way for guests to check in or out.

Kigo's check-in app allows your guests to:

  • Print off parking passes
  • Get door and Wi-Fi codes
  • Review property guidelines
  • Contact you with questions or high-priority issues
  • Send you pictures of any issues at the property, so that you can quickly dispatch the right team to address them

Additionally, the Kigo mobile guest app allows you to:

  • Engage with guests through instantaneous or scheduled push notifications and email
  • Contact guests with local recommendations about points of interest, restaurants, activities, and more
  • Display highlights of your properties that are not revealed on your listings
  • Offer guests personalized coupons and upsells to local area attractions, creating new revenue streams
  • Offer guests significant discounts to encourage them to extend their stay, driving occupancy
  • Provide a highly personalized traveler experience for your guests
  • Get feedback from guests to ensure a great review and return visits

Learn how to wow your vacation rental guests with the new Kigo guest management app.

(Editor’s note- we have updated and republished this article to benefit readers new to the Kigo blog.)

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