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Video Content: The Unstoppable Force

Over the next two years, online video is set to account for 69% of consumer Internet traffic. It is, inescapably, the way we are headed. More and more of us have some sort of screen that can stream video on, not just in our homes, but with us everywhere we go. As blogs and written content become ubiquitous, some sites are looking for video to add a new dimension to their site’s content creation. It is the quickest way to spread your message, instantly shareable, and the most captivating way to reach your customers.


There has been a transition in the content we consume. Video has shifted from the ultra-scripted and edited to being more spontaneous and realistic. It is also moving away from being presented as an advert, but as business sponsored content. Videos are a good way to create something that stands alone, without a sales pitch. By presenting and sharing it, you are saying ‘If you liked this, you will like our product’.

Your audience is active, they need to want to click and play your video. Captive television audiences didn’t have the choice over the adverts they saw but now we do. Video content is growing so quickly because people want to see behind the curtain. Creativity and originality will trump big-budget production values. Your videos don’t have to be sleek, expensive affairs. Popular video content is dominated by content that peoples can relate too, rather than things designed to sell products.

We’re looking at some of the advantages vacation rental managers can get by creating video content.


Video content ensures that your customers will spend more time on your website, and engage with your brand. Both are important when it comes to getting a good return on investment from content marketing. Popular videos will draw people to your site as well as boosting it up in google’s rankings.

Vine and Hyperlapse

These are perfect examples of how small businesses can get started with video content creation. Just six seconds long, you can experiment with editing and the available effects in these free apps. Video created on these platforms have generated millions of views. Most phones now the capability to film good quality, short videos. You can capture moments from your area, show of the things to do near your property, and of course, the property itself. New consumer technology, like drones have provided vacation rental managers with the opportunity to create impressive aerial videos of their surroundings. It is now easier than ever for people with no background in creating videos, or high tech equipment to begin producing interesting and high-quality video.


In terms of social media engagement, there is a widely accepted rule that pictures get more engagement than words, and videos get more engagement than pictures. Using videos as part of your content marketing has the twofold advantage of bringing people to your site and demonstrating the appeal of your property and your local area. Creating and sharing videos with your customers is about tapping into the anticipation and excitement of booking a holiday as well as the practicality of being able to show your property, rather than describe. People are eager to share the holiday anticipation so are perfect for social media sharing and encouraging people to interact with your business.

You can introduce video to your content by creating your own and sharing existing videos with your customers. Original content is likely to garner the most engagement so why not try producing a video that says something about you and your business?

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