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Wedding Friendly Vacation Rentals

Behind waterfalls; on a beach; or in the middle of a football pitch. You can pretty much get married where ever you like these days.

Adventurous couples are now looking to vacation rentals for an individual and special place to tie the knot. With the trend for non-traditional locations for weddings continuing, why not see if your property could host the special moments of peoples' lives?

There are people out there searching for memorable locations that simply cannot find them.

By making a few changes to your page or listing, you could add a whole new side to your business.

You may have the perfect location and setting but unfortunately, for weddings that may not be enough. It seems that the level of planning and organisation required is about level with that of a space launch, or a medium-sized military campaign. With the normal stress and complications of a wedding, people might consider your property but are forced, in the end, to go for a more established choice. Compete by showing that your business can offer something new and fulfill the normal requirements for a wedding party. We have compiled a list of ideas to help you market your property as a wedding-friendly vacation rental.

Check Zoning Laws for Wedding Venues
Every area will be different when it comes to the permissions you need to host a wedding. For example, in the U.K your location will have to be licensed by the local authority before you are allowed to hold ceremonies. Check the local law and then you can advertise your property. Some people see an amazing location and then have to sort out this paperwork after deciding. Nothing stifles romance quite like local council bureaucracy. Taking away this headache and marketing your property as ‘Wedding Ready’ in your description is a great start. It may be that you can’t get the appropriate license, or that your property is just not suited to the actual ceremony. If this is the case then why not concentrate on the reception or offering guest accommodation?

Let People Know in the Photos
Show people how they can expect your property to look on their big day. It may be hard to imagine to a snow-backed ceremony or a beachside wedding for some couples, so get some photos taken. Decorate with flowers, set out chairs and tables. Your pictures will be more effective if people can immediately associate your property with marriages.

Links to Local Businesses
People can be tempted to opt for established venues due to their knowledge and connections with suppliers in the area, or what services they offer themselves. Think about what your guests will need and include some links to florists, catering and drinks companies. If you can take away some of the local research and work required for the guests it will increase the chances of them being assured enough to book your property.

Weddings are an expensive business. Not only can you be competitive with your pricing but your guests have the option to choose their caterers and suppliers. Hotels and country clubs will often provide these so you can mention how your guests have the freedom to choose. You have a great opportunity to showcase how you can help provide an unforgettable and personal experience that is also more affordable.

Be Available
Flowers. Cakes. Drinks. Food. There will be things arriving at all times throughout the days leading up to the wedding. If you can, provide space for these things and be on hand to let these deliveries in if your guests are not there. You may find that your hosting duties may be more taxing than usual but knowing that you are available to help with any emergencies will be a big bonus for nervy couples.

By choosing a vacation rental for their wedding, people have a great chance to personalise their day. They can use any catering they like, choose any entertainment, and decorate the place as they wish. A wedding should be about the couple getting married and using a vacation rental is a great way to create a memorable and individual experience.

Bar Mitzvahs to Graduations
And the good news is, it doesn’t have to just be weddings. There are plenty of special occasions that you can market your property for. You don’t have to limit your appeal.

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