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Vacation Rental Website Samples: Modern Properties Lviv

Modern Properties Lviv
For a vacation rental business, the website represents a portfolio of properties and vacation rental brand. Therefore, the way a vacation rental manager chooses to represent the properties on their own website is reflective of their brand values and can have a big impact on bookings.

To help shape an understanding of what an effective vacation rental website looks like, we regularly review our clients' websites. Under the limelight this week is Modern Properties Lviv who provide vacationers with holiday lettings in Lviv.

Based in the heart of Lviv, Ukraine, Modern Properties Lviv offer beautiful apartments that are in perfect locations for exploring the city. Modern Properties Lviv have gone for a case of quality over quantity; although there are not many properties to choose from, it is evident they have paid special attention to the properties they do have. The uniqueness of Modern Properties Lviv is projected well through their website.

Website Design:

Modern Properties Lviv have gone for a very basic yet refreshing design that doesn't overwhelm the user when landing on the homepage. From the brief company description to the property listing pages, they have made sure that all neccessary information is included for guests to make a straightforward booking.

On the homepage, the user is greeted with a virtual tour of each property. Enabling the function for potential bookers to view the properties in motion on the homepage will generate interest and encourage guests to find out more.

The choice of design makes navigating around the Modern Properties Lviv website an enjoyable experience. There are no nasty colours or distractions that deter potential guests from making a booking. Their website works brilliantly as a blank canvas for their beautiful properties to shine on.

Reservation System:

Website Sample search availability
Modern Properties Lviv operate a smooth booking process where guests can add the properties to a shopping trolley before making a request. The property availability can be defined by check in/out dates and by number of guests (adults, children, babies). The easy to use search tool appears on the home, properties and request pages; its positioning near the top of the pages further encourages bookings.

Each of the property pages are really informative, giving detailed information on the property, location, amenities and activities in the area. Providing as much information as possible will help to answer any of the potential guests' questions and deter guests from looking elsewhere. The availability calendar at the bottom of the page is a nice addition since the guest can see months in advance what dates are available.

Our Favourite Part of the Website:

What we liked most about the Modern Properties Lviv website is that they chose to create a link to their Tripadvisor property reviews. Since reviews are a very important attribute to a guest deciding whether to book or not, it is an excellent idea to include any or a link to them on your vacation rental website. Reviews give vacationers an unbiased opinion on the properties; working to make sure your property receives positive reviews like Modern Properties Lviv will futher increase bookings.

Vacation Rental Sample Modern Properties Lviv

If you are looking for a vacation rental in Lviv check out the unique and beautiful city apartments Modern Properties Lviv have to offer. Or if you would like to network with Modern Properties Lviv, be sure to take a look at their website.

Please note that the website samples we provide are only to spotlight the websites of our clients. To respect the time and effort these agencies have put into creating their websites, we ask that you do not replicate design elements or content pieces.
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