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Vacation Rental Marketing: Why You Should Use Google+

portal-marketing You would have to be living in outer space to have not heard of Google; it is the largest online search engine in the world and the ultimate go-to resource for any questions imaginable. And since 2011, Google introduced its own social network to rival the likes of Facebook and Twitter, Google+.

You may be wondering why do I need to join yet another social network? Well, with over 343 million active users and Google being its parent, vacation rental managers should tap into this huge networking opportunity immediately!

Joining Google+ is one thing but optimizing the page for your vacation rental business is another. To help you understand how Google+ works and how it can boost bookings, we have put together 4 of the many benefits of using Google+ for your vacation rental business:

SEO Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the rank your vacation rental website appears on search engines. It’s simple; the better SEO, the higher the page will appear which means an increase in bookings! Joining Google+ is an excellent addition to an SEO marketing strategy.

Imagine your Google+ account is an extension of your vacation rental website, if both are packaged with the right keywords e.g. beach rental in Koh Samui, it will increase chances of Google pairing the two together and strengthening your SEO efforts.

Categorize Followers

Google+ enables users to group followers into ‘Circles’. That way you can pick and choose who goes into what category, e.g. previous guests, potential guests, industry news. From there you can communicate a specific message to each group.

Say for instance you have a last minute vacation rental deal, you can package it to appeal to previous guests following the network. ‘Circles’ is an excellent tool for personalizing and sharing information in bulk, where Facebook and Twitter lack.

Link Other Social Networks

As recommended for all social networks, linking them together will work to strengthen your brand identity and social media presence.

Using Google+ to share other networks for your vacation rental business will let Google know that content is being created across all platforms. This will work to increase SEO and direct traffic to, not only your other social media networks, but to your vacation rental website.

Put Your Vacation Rental on the Map

Formerly Google Places, Google+ Local encourages businesses to put themselves on the map. By putting the vacation rental on the map, guests on Google+ can review the property and you can provide the exact location and contact details.

Additionally, if a Google+ user searches for a nearby vacation rental in Barcelona for example, the property will appear on the map with any guest reviews. Google+ Local encourages conversation on previous guests’ experiences during their stay and increases exposure for potential guests.
We hope we having you an idea of how Google+ will optimize your vacation rental business. Please feel free to share with others or add comments in the comment box below:

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