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Vacation Rental Marketing Tips: Instagram

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A while back, we wrote a post on why vacation rental managers should be using Instagram Video to market a property. However, some property managers are still reluctant to join the popular photo and video sharing network. With over 150 million active users monthly and 1.2 billion likes happening daily, Instagram is a great platform for sharing your wonderful property images and engaging with a wider audience.

If you haven't noticed already, the mobile world has taken over. If you're in public, take a look around. How many people can you see using mobile devices? In fact, you may be reading this on one now. The public, and most importantly holiday goers, are shifting from their home PCs to mobile which makes it even more important for holiday home managers to adapt with the ever evolving mobile social media landscape. Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps that should definitely not be ignored when it comes to vacation rental marketing.

If you're in two minds about joining Instagram for your business, here are 3 ways to use the app for your vacation rental marketing:

Share more property info with less effort

The great thing about Instagram is that you can share with your followers images and short videos of your property with very little effort. All you need is an iOS or Android device to take photos on and a little bit of creativity. Since images tell a thousands words, a video will speak a million!

Tip: Use an Instagram related app to enhance your sharing. Flipagram for example, allows you to transform a selection of images into a 15 second video slideshow. That way, you can share multiple images of a vacation rental without clogging up your followers' photo feed.

Link with other social networks

Connect your Instagram profile with your other social network accounts to strengthen your online presence. That way, when you post an image or video, you can choose whether it is uploaded onto your other channels like Facebook and Twitter, that attract larger audiences.

Tip: Instagram is great for photo contests as you can create your own vacation rental hash-tag category. This is an excellent way to encourage engagement with past and potential guests and push last minute bookings.

Reach larger audiences with trends

57% of Instagram users use the app on a daily basis with 35% of those multiple times a day. Bearing these statistics in mind, it is a perfect opportunity to engage with potential guests. As mentioned in the last point, hash-tags are great for categorizing your property images and videos and will expose your vacation rental business to larger audiences.

Tip: Say for instance you want to reach those looking for a vacation rental on Valentine's Day, share an image of a romantic location near your property and use an appropriate hash-tag e.g. #valentinesgetaway.

We hope we have given some ideas on how to market your vacation rental using Instagram and we understand that this marketing technique may not be suitable for all vacation rental businesses. If you're already on Instagram, follow our @travelrentals account to be have your properties promoted!

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