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Vacation Rental Marketing That’s Worth Your Time

How do you market your vacation rental business? How well are you positioned in search engine results? Is your listing relevant to your potential customer? With so much published online about vacation rental marketing. It can be difficult for vacation rental managers to stay on top of it all. Not to mention differentiating the jargon from what really works. In today’s blog, we have virtually handpicked some top insights that will help you fill up your availability calendars. So order a coffee and cake, take a seat and get ready to stand out from the competition!

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VR Secrets of the Trade by Matt Landau

Matt Landau is known for his expertise in the vacation rental industry. As well as being an online marketer and writer,  Matt teaches vacation rental owners how to generate more bookings. Matt has first-hand experience in owning and renting vacation rentals. Therefore he understands the challenges faced by vacation rental owners and agencies. If you are a regular follower of Kigo’s blog you may recall our interview  with Matt Landau himself.

Moreover, Matt has some fantastic books which give insight into vacation rental marketing. We have picked out VR Secrets of the Trade especially for you vacation rental managers. In this book, Matt interviews listing directors from HomeAway, FlipKey and TripAdvisor finding out some vacation rental marketing secrets you should know about. Including what is a perfect listing and what do vacation rental owners do wrong!

SEO for Vacation Rental Managers

SEO is one of the most powerful ways of driving traffic to your vacation rental website. So making sure you have the right SEO campaign will make all the difference. Where your vacation rental business ranks on search engines is key to get a competitive edge over your competitors within the industry. If ranked well using the relevant keywords you can drive traffic to your website and increase your bookings.

Here at Kigo we understand the importance of SEO and even have vacation rental SEO specialists in-house. We have put together this FREE webinar for you vacation rental managers which covers how search engines work, basic SEO rules and tracking results using Google analytics. If you fancy another coffee now is your time to get a refill so you can enjoy viewing our FREE webinar  Are you ready to get ahead of the competition? if so then this webinar is for you!

Kigo’s Creative Marketing Ebook

As you know the vacation rental industry is one of the fastest growing and there's plenty of opportunities to generate revenue. However with this, competition increases as opportunists want a slice of the cake! Don’t let your competitors take the cake with the strawberry filling! Creativity is just as important as your vacation rental listing. Take advantage and be creative in your email campaigns, personalize your vacation rental campaigns where possible, ensure your videos are captivating and be consistently active on social media.

If you want to know where to start developing a creative campaign then look no further. We have put together this all-in-one creative marketing guide especially catered for vacation rental managers and owners. So here you have it your well-deserved coffee and cake break. Alongside some well spent time to make a difference to your vacation rental business. We hope you have enjoyed our blog today!

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