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Vacation Rental Marketing: Pinning Your Youtube Videos to Pinterest

Video marketing is an excellent technique for capturing potential guests, encouraging engagement and increasing booking leads. Since more than 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month, it's no wonder that video marketing is regarded as an important part of any marketing strategy. And what with the virtual pin-board platform, Pinterest, becoming increasingly popular, it seems visual marketing as a whole is as important as ever.

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When it comes to visual marketing, vacation rental managers have a huge advantage. As well as a thought out property description, guests are more likely to book a property if the images are visually appealing or because of a well edited video tour. There are so many inexpensive yet effective marketing tools for vacation rental managers to utilize, with Pinterest and Youtube being key players.

Learn how pinning your vacation rental Youtube videos to your Pinterest account will improve marketing efforts and in turn increase bookings. Here are 3 reasons to combine your Pinterest and Youtube accounts:

Video Pin Boards

Pinterest is an excellent tool for collecting together or 'pinning' images and videos to create a visual journey to inspire others. There are many creative approaches you could take on your Pinterest account to improve social media marketing efforts, creating one dedicated entirely to those beautiful vacation rental videos of yours would be a great addition and require very little effort.

Pinning videos is easy, it works in the same way as pinning images and only takes a matter of seconds:

    • 1. When you are in a board, click 'Add a pin'


    • 2. From there, choose the 'From a website' option


    • 3. Copy and paste the video link into the search and click 'Find images'


    • 4. Select one of the video still images from your video and enter a description


    5. Click 'Pin it!' and on your board you will see your embedded video.

Creating a video board along with image boards will help to shape a visual identity for your vacation rental brand and encourage engagement from previous or future guests.

Strengthen Your Vacation Rental Brand

Combining the two social networks will help drive traffic to your vacation rental Youtube account and vice versa. If you have a large following on Pinterest, it will really help to increase video views and start up a conversation around the vacation rental.

Make sure your Youtube channel is fully optimized including all of your social networks to increase chances of traffic to those too. By structuring your social networks like a web, it will encourage followers of one network to 'like' or follow another. Creating a social media presence should be an important component to any vacation rental marketing strategy.

Increase SEO Efforts

It is always important to link together social networks to improve SEO efforts. Both Pinterest and Youtube enable you to provide titles and descriptions around the images and videos so make sure they are keyword specific. It is also important to include a link to your vacation rental website; if the videos are repinned, it will lead those to your website and increase search visibility.

Using Pinterest and Youtube to share other networks for your vacation rental business will let Google know that content is being created across all platforms. This will work to increase SEO and direct traffic to, not only your other social media networks, but to your vacation rental website.
There we have it, 3 reasons to start pinning your Youtube videos to a Pinterest board. Please feel free to share with others or add comments in the comment box below:

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