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Vacation Rental Marketing: How to Promote Listings with Videos

Creative Marketing Tips: VideosIn the US alone 39 billion online videos were watched this past September. This staggering number shows the gradual shift from reading to watching when it comes to gaining information. A recent study revealed that viewers engage more after watching a video, with click for more information increasing by 30-40% and phone inquiries increasings by 16-20%.

Adding videos to your website and social media sites can be intimidating at first: content, equipment, scripts, actors all start buzzing through your mind and before you know it, it is in the back of the “to-do” list again. Luckily for us marketers, technology has advanced so much that creating and editing high quality videos are as simple as writing a blog post.


With a small amount of investment, you can start creating high-quality videos with the tools outlined below:

Cameras: Nearly all DSLR cameras now come with HD video recording options. If you do not have a DSLR camera on hand, you can either use your computer’s built-in camera or you can purchase a webcam for very cheap.

Voice Recording: Your computer’s built-in microphone will likely pick up a lot of outside noise. To enhance the voice quality of your videos, you can purchase a headset with a microphone or purchase a standalone microphone.

Video Editing: The final touch to creating great videos is to bring everything together. There are hundreds of video editing tools available for free or for a low price: Mac users can use iMovie and PC users may prefer to use programs such as Capterra for non-technical video editing (Don’t worry both of these programs are made for users who are not as technical as professional video editors).


There are hundreds of different video content ideas you can use to promote your vacation rental agency. The key is to be creative and try to create videos that your competitors have not. Below are a few samples of content ideas for your video:

Agency Q&A Videos: Let visitors meet the team behind your vacation rental agency. This will not only put a human face to your website, but will also increase the trust between you and a website visitor.

Property Tour Videos: Many renters are aware that photos can sometimes be deceiving when it comes to showcasing a property. A video tour of each property will allow users to see exactly what they are getting.

Expert Interviews: Increase your credibility by interviewing local experts about your city. These experts can range from tour guides, to chefs, to bloggers. Experts will be happy to increase their exposure, and you can get valuable video content out of the deal.

City/Country Tour Videos: Do you have a hidden creative side you want to let loose? Showcase the hidden gems of your local area with virtual video tours. A time-lapse video of city lights turning on or a walking tour of your favorite hang out spots, can be creative enough to go viral among your audience.

Sample Vacation Rental Video Image


There is no point in creating great videos if no one is going to watch them. Place your videos in high traffic video viewing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. Make sure you utilize keywords and tags when labeling your videos. A catchy title that is keyword rich is also important when you want to entice your visitors to click on the video. Research the right keywords to ensure your video pops up when a user searches for information about your city. Lastly, you should also choose which screen you should freeze (the stable image you see when the video has not yet been played). The screen you freeze should entice the user to click on the play button.

Place your videos on your website, your blog, your social media websites, tourist forums as well as include them in your communications with clients.

Do you use videos to promote your vacation rental agency? We would love to take a look at your videos and highlight them in our blog, so be sure to include a link to your vacation rental videos in the comment section below.


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