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Using vacation rental travel guides to boost bookings

So you get your vacation rental website finished, handed the keys to the CMS, where should you start with content? One of the easiest ways for vacation rental agencies to boost their bookings numbers is through making high-quality, detailed travel guides for your vacation rental website. In profiling the area that your properties are based, in great detail, you are providing your customers with a definitive knowledge base for their vacation in your property, while at the same time enriching your vacation rental website with lots of relevant, unique content which will help with your SEO, too.

And there is so much you can profile in your travel guide to get more content:

Restaurants, Pubs and Bars

Use TripAdvisor to help make your travel guides

A great place to start is profiling restaurants, pubs and bars in the area. Go to TripAdvisor and pick up the top 10, then write a page about each one, the dishes and the type of food available. Give an idea of price and any insider tips you have-the key idea here is to market yourself as a local who know the area, make your website a font of insider knowledge.


Return to TripAdvisor and do the same for attractions too. These should include photos and snippets of information about visiting, like costs and opening times, as well as profiling what’s available. Search YouTube for videos of the attraction (like a rollercoaster in a theme park, or the panorama in botanical gardens) and include these, too.


Outline the best places to visit in your travel guides

Profiling the areas that are nice to explore on foot is a great way, especially for attracting the couples market. Outline the best places to go, make seasonal recommendations, romantic walks and family-friendly walks. Like these to your restaurants and pubs pages if they are en-route. Profiling parks in the area is also a good idea, especially in areas like Paris and London where they are plentiful and varied, it's a real point of focus for many travelers.

Cycling Routes

Another way to profile the area is to outline the cycling routes that can be enjoyed to explore the countryside or a buzzing city center like Paris or Amsterdam. These are another easy way to create links to your other pages and mark your agency as a local expert.

Unusual things of interest.

Things that are really special to certain areas, like flea markets in central London, or bazaars in Istanbul, are really fascinating for tourists. Make a page about them, highlighting days that are best to visit and particular items of interest. These are the kind of insider tips that really reinforce your reputation for your customers.

All these pages add rich unique content to your vacation rental website, and provide excellent motivation for local businesses and attractions to start linking to your site- another great boost for your SEO efforts. But in addition to your Google rankings, this will keep customers on your site for long, make them more informed on the area and increase the chances of their booking with you considerably. It’s a long-term strategy, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

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