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Using Twitter for your vacation rental business

How much time and resources do you invest in Twitter for your vacation rental business, if you are investing your time and money then make sure you are gaining the competitive edge on social media over your competitors! and today we are blogging about Twitter and how you can do just that!


Follow other pages

Twitter isn't just about your tweets; it's also a great source for information on your competition within the vacation rental industry. Analyse your competitors engagement, find out what they are talking about.This will give you vacation rental managers and owners a insight on how to broaden your own following and what your vacation rental guests are looking for. Look at what your competition is doing and do it better!

Twitter is not a sales tool

Twitter is not a platform where you can sell a product, its not a sales pitch! Instead, use it to increase guest loyalty and offer valuable information to your followers. Consistently tweeting will lose you followers on Twitter so always ensure you are focusing on quality not quantity. Its an opportunity to immerse your followers into your brand so don’t scare them away!

Shorten our Tweets

This is the best part! Get creative and shorten your links keeping it short and snappy is key to  getting your audiences attention. If you want your tweets to stand out from the rest of your competition make sure your tweets are relevant to your target audiences interest!

Shorten links

Twitter is great to send your audience to follow links to your blog pages or websites. The last thing you want is long links on your page as this will look unappealing and lengthen your tweets. So there you have it a blog on  twitter tips that will get you ahead of your game and help you get more followers!

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