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The ultimate vacation rental promotion package

Are you struggling to fill up some of your vacation rental properties and thinking of using some sales promotions to get them filled up? Well thats a great idea so today we are going to show you how to create the ultimate sales offer to make your vacation rental property stand out from the crowded market place.


1. Package the bait

Vacation rental managers and owners should be prepared to communicate their unique selling proposition. What distinguishes your vacation rental business from the competition. What do you have that's new, different or better than what others have? Recognise your unique selling points and flaunt them!

2. Mention the savings

If your vacation rental business is offering discounts and savings then mention how much the customer is actually saving and include this saving in the advert. By doing this it allows your potential guest to see the actual benefit. Vacation rental managers and owners should also consider the long-term effect of offering discounts on sales.  For example, does the customer make a repeat purchase? Does the discount have an impact on full-priced sales? In other words, are you simply shifting the timing of the purchase? ask yourself this questions and monitor what works, what doesn't work and how this is having an impact on your vacation rental business.

3. Throw in an incentive

Incentives can give your vacation rental consumers an opportunity to try something with low risk, or offer a "free gift with purchase" that appeals to your target audience for your vacation rental business. Gifts that enhance a product or service, are popular as well. Just be careful that the gift doesn't overshadow the product. So there you have it a blog on how to create the ultimate promotional package for your vacation rental business.

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