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Top Vacation Rental Marketing Guides

There are many ways to boost property bookings, from a strong vacation rental website to listing on multiple advertising channels. For those starting out in the vacation rental industry or looking to refresh a marketing strategy, many vacation rental managers will turn towards the internet for tips and advice.
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Fortunately the internet offers a plethora of vacation rental marketing blogs, eBooks and webinars. However, filtering down the top go-to vacation rental marketing resources may be time consuming for a busy property manager.

To help you on your way to booking success, we have put together our Top Vacation Rental Marketing Guides that you should definitely bookmark:

1. Matt Landau's Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

We are a big fan of Matt Landau at Kigo and admire his dedication to helping vacation rental managers. His blog is the perfect go-to place for marketing tips! Covering topics like photographing a property to sharing vacation rental guru predictions. If you haven't heard of his work before, go check his blog out!

2. Cottage Blogger

Another great vacation rental blog that has popped up on our radar is Cottage Blogger. Currently in the process of a makeover, there are plenty vacation rental marketing tips on their newly updated website. They also have a page with lots of useful podcasts, these are perfect for vacation rental managers on the go or if you feel like a break from reading.

3. HomeAway Community

The HomeAway Community website is an excellent place to "seek, ask and share in the vacation rentals community". From issues like whether you choose to have an iron at your property or where to find a sample rental contract, the community covers all of your general vacation rental occurrences. Seeking advice from peers and reading others' experiences will help you to grow your vacation rental business.

4. Kigo

And last but by no means least, Kigo. We couldn't have written a top vacation rental marketing guide list without including us! As well as our blog, we have a wonderful marketing resources page for property managers. Download one of our eBooks packed with marketing gems or catch up on a webinar.

There we have it, 4 of the many vacation rental resources out there. Do share this post with vacation rental managers alike or share with us any blogs or guides you live by in the comment box below.

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