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Top Customer Experience Tips for your Vacation Rental Business

Why are your guests renting properties to stay in specific destinations that you have on offer? What do your guests do whilst they are staying in your property? Of course they don't spend all their time in the property they have chosen to stay in. Nowadays tourists are looking for more than just a bed to sleep in. They have become emotionally involved and seek experiences with their family and friends.

So here are our top tips on how you can add value to your property. Delivering the best experience to your guests whilst filling up your calendars!


1. Find out what is happening in the local area

Increase your bookings by informing the consumer what they can do in the local area of the property location they have chosen. This does not mean give them an itinerary for their whole stay! It is as simple as making the potential consumer aware of the attractions, dining options, must see scenic landscapes, activities and events in the area. Otherwise this would take the guests time and research to find out. If vacation rental managers can be the hub of providing this information adding that human touch, the guest will only have you to thank for the great service and experience. Gaining your vacation rental business positive recommendations.

Tip: Customize your website design  so you can tailor and choose what you want the guest to see and where. This will make your vacation rental business website user friendly for your target audience.

2. Joint ventures

Work in partnership with the local attractions, restaurants, bus and rail services. Offer the businesses exposure of their service directly to your guests. In return for your guest to be able to get a discount if they use their services available during their stay in your vacation rental property. This is a great way to get connected and build relationships with the local community. If done successfully this will differentiate you from the competition.  Joint marketing is also quick to get started, it is effective as it does not require a lot of planning it is just an agreement between you and a local business.

Tip: Vacation rental managers can advertise the local partners by giving them a mention on your social media networks. This is a completely free way of getting additional exposure and making your vacation rental property an experience to stay in.

3. Share your latest news

As well as working closely with local businesses be sure to keep them updated with what is going on in your vacation rental business. If you are placing your brand next to another organization it is important to ensure they know exactly who they are working with and what your business is doing. This will also enable you to remind them of your presence within the industry. Sharing  news, competitions, last minute offers your vacation rental business may have available.

Tip: Take advantage of social media and emails to share everything about your business to your joint partnerships.

4. Thank the guest!

So your guest has checked out and you are getting ready to deliver another exceptional experience to your next arrival. Don´t stop their! Guest aftercare can add that finishing touch to your guests stay wanting them to return to you again! Send them a thank you email for choosing you, make sure you personalize it.

Tip: You can set up an automated email which the guest will receive after they have checked out of your vacation rental property. Don’t forget to use the email to also encourage them to write a review online about their stay.

So there you have it, a blog post on how you can add value to your business and deliver an experience that your guest is looking for.

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